Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Love and Work are the Cornerstones of our Humanness"

Freud was a nut, but even a nut has to be right every once in a while. A blind pig and an acorn. A stopped clock. Cliches have truth in them, otherwise they wouldn't be cliches.

Probably the smartest thing Freud ever said was that the two most important things in life are Love and Work. The full quote is, "Love and work are the cornerstone of our humanness." For most people, that is. And I have found they are related.

These days, the economy has just about collapsed, contrary to government lies. Perhaps that should be one word? Governmentlies.

Oh, there are good-paying jobs if you have a specialized degree. But very, very few people can achieve them. Say, an MA in Organic Chemistry. Almost no one can get one. I sure couldn't.

It used to be there were plenty of high-paying jobs. When I graduated high school if a boy wanted to he could go straight to the steel-mill, start out at what today would be about $25,000, and in five years or so be making $50,000. The pay usually topped out at about $70,000. The jobs weren't even that hard, although I knew guys squished by cranes or electrocuted.

And let's not forget that $15,000 in 1979 would be $47,000 in 2013.

Those jobs are gone, thanks to government interference in the economy.

Now if you can't find a decent job, it's sure going to be awful hard to start a family. You know - home, kids, family, BBQ in the back yard, a dog. All that fun stuff.

Even if you do have a home and a family, and are not making decent money (which these days is not your fault) what are the chances you're going to be happy and instead be consumed with stress?

The only thing that really matters is the middle-class. The poor tend to be welfare parasites and they are always with us. Many of the rich are also parasites who use the laws to enrich themselves at everyone elses' expense.

Now the middle-class is shrinking, so we are tending toward the Rich and the Poor. This may work in the Third World (which is chaotic and full of every imaginable crime) but it won't work here. Which is why we are looking at some sort of revolution/collapse.

People respond to economic incentives. I have forgotten how many stupid no-class women I have known who've had kids without being married. They get all kinds of welfare benefits, and even with them they are still stupid and poor. They don't have any decent work (they don't want it) and their idea of love is to go from bum to bum.

Then I've known those high-IQ-idiot schooled woman (they certainly aren't smart or educated) who spent their 20s getting degrees and finding a career, thinking a smart handsome rich man is going to be theirs for the taking when they decide to settle down, then are outraged when they hit the wall and those guys, or any guy, wants nothing to do with them because they want a younger and more pleasant woman.

They seem to think men are impressed by their achievements. They're not. And they're not afraid of "strong, independent" women (which don't exist because these woman are 100% dependent on men's achievements). They're just not impressed by their self-delusion and general idiocy.

I've pointed out before I don't think women can truly get their lives together without a man. And they have been lied to by the media that they can, then end up as bitter, hostile man-hating spinsters because they tried to Have It All and find out it's not possible.

It's all about Love and Work. There has to be a balance. And some people never find it because they don't know how. The culture used to tell us how to achieve these things, but not anymore.

In some ways, today, things have become a nightmare. It's because things are out of balance. I never get tired of saying this, but the word "monster" means a warning, a demonstration, a portent. And when things are really out of balance...that's when we really get the monstrous.


Baloo said...

Another one out of the park. Reprinted with quibcag here:

Anonymous said...

Without liberty, there's no meaningful path forward for a producer in any endeavor. Rand, for all her ups & downs, identified this as a foundational precept.

I'm not as confident that Americans as constituted today as a "people" are in fact offended by the enslavement they themselves have voted for. I suspect we will see a re-definition of Americans. Maybe there will be two types or more-- the traditional white middle class and the "salad" alliance of coastal elites, lumpenproles and non white underclass. I suspect we're already there.