Sunday, October 6, 2013

On Being a Baby Magnet

For a long time I have been a Baby Magnet. It took a while to figure out why. It's because these babies don't have fathers around them, because so many of them are raised by single mothers, or the parents got divorced and the mother got the kids.

I walked through a door one time, and a little kid in a stroller pointed at me and exclaimed, "That's a man!" I pointed back and said, "That's a little kid!" In that case, I don’t know if the kid had a father in his life or not, but that kid was one of many in a daycare center located in a hospital, so the kid was there while the mother and father were at work.

Was the father in the child’s life? I don’t know. Were the parents still married? I don’t know. But I did find it odd that as soon as this boy saw me, he immediately said something about my being male. None of us did that when we were kids.

I was in a bookstore one time, and looked down to find a little girl holding my hand. "Sorry," says the mom, who has no ring. "Forget it," I answer. "It's my lot in life."

Once, at my sister's house, I had to sit on the floor near the door because the living room was full of teenage girls. A little boy, who could walk but not talk, spied me from across the room, made a bee-line for me, and threw his arm around my neck. (He had a snotty nose. When I told him to get some toilet paper - which he understood - he grabbed a handful and brought it to me in the living room without detaching it from the roll in the bathroom.)

I later asked my sister if he had a father. "No," she told me, "he doesn't." The mother was young, overweight, unmarried, lived in a trailer, and was on welfare. My sister said she got pregnant “somehow” and thought it was acceptable for a single woman to raise a child by herself.

This is never-ending for me. Kids wave at me on the streets, try to hold my hand, and want me to watch them while they show off jumping rope or singing or dancing. When I got out of my car one Friday evening, the little girl next door was waiting for me. "Do you want to see me do my cheer?" she asked. So she did it, while I smiled and applauded.

She has no father. None of these kids do. Since they don't, they want male attention. Why they choose me I don't know. It must be the way I look, even though I certainly don't understand what That Look is.

Since the Sixties, feminists have claimed fathers aren't really necessary. What's unnecessary are these kinds of socialist feminists, most of who are feminists because they're aren't very feminine. Tattoos or too much make-up doth not a true woman make. They barely make a woman, and the kind they make I'm not interested in.

The history of the world has shown that fathers are necessary, even more necessary than mothers, since men are the ones who invented civilization.

Without fathers, bad things happen to boys. The word "bastard" means "a fatherless boy" and "a cruel, heartless man." The first often turns into the second, no matter how much the blind pretend it doesn't. What we have in society currently are the blind leading the blind. Oops! There's the ditch!

Until the early 20th Century, in a divorce, the children were almost always given to the father. And until the Fifties, an unmarried pregnant girl was sent away to have the baby, and it was given to an orphanage. The reason for these things is because an unmarried single woman with children is an economic and social catastrophe when it comes to raising kids. Not always, but enough to make the word “bastard” have a double meaning.

I once found a little fatherless boy torturing a cat. I yelled at him and took the cat away. It was wheezing blood through its nose. I thought it was going to die, but it lived. I gave it to my sister and her kids, who took care of it until it disappeared.

When children are raised without fathers the boys become teenagers and form predatory gangs. The girls get pregnant and have children who are raised without fathers. The girls live on welfare, essentially marrying the government. The cycle repeats itself.

Women are responsible for two-thirds of all child abuse. Boys are twice as likely to be abused by women as girls. A father at home is the best way to prevent this, not a social worker.

Some years ago I walked out of a friend's house late at night. I ran into a gang of teenage boys on the sidewalk. "You got a cigarette?" the leader asked. "No, I don't," I said. "Why don't you give me the one in your mouth?" He grinned. I put my hand in my pocket and stared at him. "You got a gun?" he asked. His grin was gone. I said nothing. They decided to not take the chance and faded away.

Later, I contacted the police. A bunch of fatherless boys living on welfare, they told me. They just moved into the neighborhood. The cops quickly ran all of them out of the neighborhood. Ah, the wonders of the liberal welfare society. It breaks up families, or else prevents them from forming.

Coupled with the catastrophic failure of the public schools and the fact that high-paying have been run out of the country because of massive taxation and regulation, we have now lost entire generations of children, who have essentially become psychopaths.

You can blame a lot of the problems children have on women who purposely have babies without fathers, truly believing the kids will turn out fine. Then they end up with a hostile teenage boy and suddenly realized they made a very big mistake. You can blame it on fathers who desert their families, like the creep Phil Donahue, who traded his wife and family for a much-younger trophy wife.

I, however, mostly blame it on the State, for interfering in family life. The more the State expands, the more civilization recedes. It's a Law of the Universe. And the family is the foundation of civilization.

In the past, we had answers to incompetent parents. They were called orphanages. I was an undergraduate at a university that used to have an orphanage. It was closed down before I started school. I used to study at it because it was so quiet and peaceful.

I once read an article in the paper about the kids who lived there. They grew up to be good citizens. They became doctors and lawyers, cabdrivers and carpenters. All honest jobs.

Very, very few became criminals.

If you want generation after generation of screwed-up kids, just let the State continue to devastate families. When I cease to be Baby Magnet, then I’ll know things are back to normal. That’s not going to happen anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Yup. Sad state of affairs. At least you're a bright spot in those kids' lives.


Quartermain said...

Often times the government reminds me of Groo the Wanderer:

LS said...

History repeats, and people still act surprised...