Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Rulers' Contempt for Us

"I've been around the ruling class all my life, and I've been quite aware of their total contempt for the people of the country." - Gore Vidal

People never learn. If we can just get so-and-so in office...Clinton, Bush, Obama, Romney (all of them the same person)...then things will be different. They won’t.

George Bush (the second one, who was more stupid and vicious than his father) once said he didn’t understand poor people. And this from a man who never had a job in his life and is brain-damaged from alcoholism. He showed a complete lack of imagination and empathy. And his lack of brains. Or if he has any brains, he didn’t use them.

Yet I’ve heard the Baa-Baa-Sheeple refer to Bush as “my President.” Talk about deluded.

Obama has never had a job in his life (by the way, both he and his ugly wife had to give up their law licenses). Romney hasn't had one either. The rich never do. They pretend they do, and even con some people they do, but they don’t.

Obama was supposed to be Mr. Hope and Change. He turned out to be possibly the worst President ever, presiding over the death of the U.S. And he was elected twice, even though his showed his utter incompetence in his first term. And if could have just gotten Romney in...

People have been falling for the delusion that one man in power can get rid of all our problems since the human race has been around. Read the Old Testament sometimes and look at how rulers were described. Read the New Testament, too, for that matter, where Jesus referred to these people as vipers, ones who would steal the last penny of widows and orphans. Sound familiar?

Yet today our supposed religious leaders, such as the blasphemers John Hagee and Pat Robertson, put their faith in government and our political leaders. And their followers believe them. The blind leading the blind...

These days, who is office, or the schools, or the churches, tells the truth anymore about what the State really is? No one.

Since people don’t know their history anymore, they know nothing about Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton.

Jefferson trusted the people of this country to run their own lives, and was opposed to Adams and Hamilton. Adams and Hamilton believed a handful of people should run the country because they thought the average person was an idiot. In other words, they had total contempt for the people of the U.S.

When Adams was President he got the Alien and Sedition Acts passed. He had people who made comments about him thrown in prison. Fortunately, when Jefferson succeeded him as President he revoked all of Adams’ laws.

Adams and Hamilton today would have been close to being corporate fascists (the kind who now run this country). Thank God Jefferson and other people like him saw through the attempts of Adams and Hamilton to destroy this country.

It’s just astonishing how people idealize their leaders, no matter what awful things they do. They voted Lincoln into office, and Woodrow Wilson, and FDR, and Kennedy (about whom Vidal said was the least qualified man he knew to be President), and both Bushes. Then Obama. Then, Romney. Oops, he lost. So now it's Obama

No matter who wins, we all lose.

Adams and Hamilton live on today. They are most politicians. Not all, but most.

Where are the Thomas Jeffersons of today? They exist, but I don’t see any in office. In fact, if any of them ran for office most people wouldn’t believe what they said. That’s what comes from the ignorance of history.

It's got to the point I no longer believe in democracy (actually, that happened a long time ago). Just look around at who's in office. Some of them are downright stupid, and many of them appear to be mentally ill. Specifically, psychopaths.

Vidal was right. The ruling classes have contempt for us. And most people can’t even see it. If they did they wouldn’t have risen up already, marched on D.C. with pitchforks and torches, and hanged the guilty upside-down by their heels, as was done to Mussolini.

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Chris said...

When I went to the grocery store Saturday, two members of a fraternal organization were collecting donations to help the "intellectually disadvantaged". All I could think of was, "What? People that believe voting can get us out of this mess?"