Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why I Should be King

This country was not founded as a democracy. It was founded as a republic. The Founding Fathers despised democracy. As far back as the ancient Greeks democracy was despised. They saw were it went.

Contrary to the myths, democracy is not American. It's anti-American. Worse, it's leftist, and leftism is about as close as pure evil as exists.

Want to see what democracy turns into? Look around. Fascism/totalitarianism. Democracy is when the smart are outgunned by the stupid. Why should someone with an IQ of 105 be allowed to vote?

And since the average IQ is 100 - which means half the people in his country have IQs of less than 100 - it is impossible, under democracy, for the smart and knowledgeable to rule. Democracy is the Rule of the Retards.

This woman should not be allowed to vote. She's a moron, and before these days of Political Correctness a moron was someone with an IQ of 85 or less. Muhammad Ali, who has an IQ of 78, is a moron.

If democracy does not work, what does? How about Kings and Queens? How about a constitutional monarchy?

As both the late Catholic anarchist Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe, have noted, a constitutional monarchy is far superior to any other form of government.

Kuehnelt-Leddihn wrote the relationship between a monarch and his citizens is much like that between fathers and children, and Hoppe has made persuasive arguments that since kings in a sense "own" the country, they’ll take better long-term care of it than a democracy, which invariably looks no further than the next election.

Kuehnelt-Leddihn, quoting Rivarol, had this to say about the difference between monarchy and democracy, "...a monarch can be a Nero or a Marcus Aurelius, the people collectively can be a Nero, but they can never, ever, be a Marcus Aurelius" (my view is that the population may expand, but intelligence is a constant). He also wrote, in Leftism Revisited, "Outside of Switzerland, there has never been a republic that did not become a monarchy. Only the ignorant, the insular, or provincial can consider a republic or democracy – both antique forms of government – ‘modern,’ or a monarchy ‘obsolete.’"

Hoppe writes this about democracy: " ...democracy has been the fountainhead of every form of socialism: of (European) democratic socialism and (American) liberalism and neo-conservatism as well as of international (Soviet) socialism, (Italian) fascism, and national (Nazi) socialism."

He has this to say about monarchs: "...a king, because he ‘owns’ the monopoly [the country] and may sell or bequeath it, will care about the repercussions of his actions on capital values. As the owner of the capital stock on ‘his’ territory, the king will be comparatively future-oriented. In order to preserve or enhance the value of his property, he will exploit only moderately and calculatingly. In contrast, a temporary and interchangeable democratic caretaker does not own the country, but as long as he is in office he is permitted to use it to his advantage. He owns its current use but not its capital stock. This does not eliminate exploitation. Instead, it makes exploitation shortsighted (present-oriented) and uncalculated, i.e., carried out without regard for the value of the capital stock."

Concerning the lying weasels who run democratic governments, he writes, "the selection of government rulers by means of popular elections makes it essentially impossible for a harmless or decent person to ever rise to the top. Presidents and prime ministers come into their position as a result of their efficiency as morally uninhibited demagogues. Hence, democracy virtually assures that only dangerous men will rise to the top of government."

Friedrich Hayek noticed the same thing in chapter ten ("Why the Worst Get on Top") in his 1944 masterpiece, The Road to Serfdom, when he wrote that "the unscrupulous and uninhibited are likely to be more successful" in any society that sees government as the answer to society’s problems. "Seeing the government as the answer to society’s problems" is one of the best one-sentence definitions of democracy I’ve run across.

In fact, I should be King. I'd close down 90% of the government, fire 90% of the police, disarm the rest, arm all the citizens, deport every lowlife right out of this country, imprison or shoot every traitor, close down the central bank, dismantle our overseas empire, then declare bankruptcy and reboot the country.

And that would be on my first day as King.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will show you the difference between "royalty" and democracy. This is the First Lady of Syria:

And this is the "First Lady" of the United States:

Need I say more?


Wyowanderer said...

All hail King Bob...

The Anti-Gnostic said...

What Bob is really angling for here is why he should be married to Asma al-Assad.

BTW, every single Syrian and Palestinian with whom I speak says that the last thing the region needs is democracy. (Admittedly, the ones I know are Christian, but one Muslim told me this as well).

Lebanese seem to take a lot of pride in their sectarian democratic stew, but I think they'll be a lot less enamored of it in the near future.

Anonymous said...

King Bob gets my vot-- er, support!

mothersmurfer said...

Damn it, Bob! I want to be Emperor! But it looks like the first day of your administration would be about the same as mine. Tell ya what, I'll flip ya for it. ;-)

Glen Filthie said...

All Hail King Bob!

Begging your pardon, Your Majesty?

The problem as I see it is as old as humanity itself - trying to keep the fucktards from running away with the country. A monarchy (present company excepted of course) - won't necessarily do that. Look at the Democrat Party: they created a form of royalty or a 'noble class' within their party in the so-called Super Delegates. The idea was that because the party was infested with lazy, stupid leftwing howler monkeys - the Super Delegates could keep them in line and keep them from running away with the party. Look how well that worked - Obutthole has single handedly destroyed your health care...and he will do the same to your schools, your media, or anything else he can get his hands on.

The republic is the best way to prevent cretins like Obama from getting their hands on power.

All America needs to do is flush the Whitehouse, hit the reset button and re-install the Constitution - and you are off to the races again.

Spychiatrist said...


What a dressing down good sir. I thank you for putting into words what I've been thinking.

Finally an Emperor that actually wears clothes.

Robert What? said...

All hail King Bob! Actually we *were* a Republic until the 17th Amendment. The nails in the coffin were placed with the 19th Amendments and the 16th Amendment (which effectively nullified the 13th Amendment). Interesting how all of these disasters occurred in the 1910s-early 1920s. It would be interesting to speculate what social forces occurred shortly before then that induced that generation to rob us of a Republic.

Ecgbert said...

Good, but I understand a problem with the British constitutional monarchy is although the Queen in practice has little power, in theory she has nearly absolute power, which their unwritten constitution has gradually delegated to the government. So the government, because it acts in her name, has more power than the government in the old American republic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bob. I still want the republic our founders set up.


marlon said...

Sorry, Herbie, next on the menu is dictatorship and collapse.