Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pumping and Dumping Ugly Fat Girls

I know when I'm being lied to, specifically by those sites who brag about all their scores with women. You know, screwing 14 beautiful women in three months, traveling the world banging (amusing they always have to use that word) all kinds of hot foreign women.

Liars, every one of them.

I know more than one guy who's had sex with some 100 women. In every case they targeted overweight, not-very-attractive women, because they did not care if the women got mad at them, ranted and raved, dumped them. They thought it was funny. They never told the women they loved them, because they were incapable of love (and that is the worst punishment of all).

What they told me, in every case, was that they told the women what wanted to hear. Except for saying they loved the girls. These guys are not "alphas." They're immature, insecure, narcissistic cads seeking validation from women - any woman. And they would have been devastated if an attractive woman laughed at them and rejected them.

I saw one in college throw a conniption fit when a woman he couldn't get dumped him for me. He was nearly hysterical, although being a coward he never said a word to my face.

These girls never had a clue. I suppose they were so unpopular than when some good-looking guy hit on them (the first one in their lives, I'm sure) they fell to pieces.

The same thing happened to me in college. I'd talk to some overweight, unattractive girl and her face would just light up. "A guy is talking to me!!"

I could have sex with 100 women if I had set my mind to it. But I never did, because the idea disgusts me. I have enough of a conscience, and enough guilt, to not target desperate, unattractive women because they're easy lays. I'm not all that much of a predator.

I still get women hitting me up on the street and in stores - single mothers and fat girls, overwhelmingly. Looking for a man. I'm not the one. They even ignore the ring.

These guys with the outrageous claims are doing it for money and attention. If no one bought their books and visited their sites, they wouldn't write books or, most probably, have sites.

Such guys reminds me of the adolescents I knew in high school. "I fucked this girl, I fucked that girl." No, you didn't. You're a liar.

Men are supposed to be protector/providers and women, nurturers. These guys are predators - parasites, which means they are anti-civilization. Imagine if every guy acted like that. Of course that's not going to happen, but if they did society would go straight backwards. In the not too distant past, guys like this knew they would be fired from their jobs and ostracized. That kept them under control and kept their behavior minimized.

I knew one player who got caught having sex with a woman he had hired. On company property. It wasn't his wife. He was a catastrophe in his job as a manager, and since he was working for a corporation it took four more years to get rid of him. He wasn't fired, just transferred out of state.

It used to be that if a man even got divorced his chances at promotion were gone.

The ones I knew did develop some charm, and were good-looking - quite extroverted, but disloyal, promiscuous liars. Some unattractive overweight guy is never going to be a player. That's a given. But overweight unattractive girls, overwhelmingly, are easy to play. Some guys know this and take advantage of it.


Anonymous said...

Like your site..but you always come across as butt hurt when discussing this topic. I am sure some of the girls are fat/ugly in their notch counts so what..move on.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Spot on. You can almost smell the BS on those sites.


Anonymous said...

You are just jealous that you are not an Uber-male Alpha who causes women to have multiple orgasms just by being in the same zip code.

Unknown said...

Not butthurt, but I dislike liars and braggarts. Always have, always will. I was contemptuous of guys in high school (some of them were close friends) who were bragging about how they got these girls...one of whom happened to be a friend of mine. And she knew what rumors he was spreading about her. These lies always come back on the liar. What goes around comes around. I'm seeing the same lying and bragging on certain sites in the Manosphere, and I don't believe a word they're writing.

Anonymous said...

"Ignore the ring"...,ring actually lures them.

Unknown said...

I got that impression more than once.

Glen Filthie said...

I dunno Bob, the game is different now if I understand it correctly.

Young people today think nothing of sex and don't have the time of day for traditional courtship or the crap and responsibilities that go along with marriage. The concept of a 'slut' makes most of them laugh because they're all sluts now. I have heard the femc*nts screaming about 'slut shaming' and I don't fully understand them yet - but it seems to me that feminism is embracing the slut and her promiscuity.

But I agree, you can't truly be a good man without a good woman (and vice versa) - and if that theory holds true, it explains much about the shortcomings of our younger men these days.

Rachael said...

I don't really read the sites I believe you're referring to, but the glimpses of them I have seen give me the impression that they are something akin to romance novels for women. Certain people are drawn to fantasy, for whatever reason. I suppose they're giving a certain audience what they want, morally and intellectually questionable though they might be.

Unknown said...

I never thought about it that way but I think you're right. It's like watching a James Bond movie where he kills everyone he doesn't like and gets all the girls.

Michael said...


I largely agree with your evaluation of these guys. However, I think there's a bit of a generation gap coming in to play. You're in your 50s right? While people are still the same, of course, the social dynamics between young men and women are considerably different then when you were growing up.

Today's college-aged women have come of age in an environment in which feminism is ubiquitous. They've been conditioned to see the natural male role of provider and protector as oppression. They've been taught that being nurturing equals weakness and servility. Mainstream culture, from schools to TV shows, hammers them with the idea that getting (worthless) degrees and being a cog in some offices is far superior to being a wife and mother.

Faced with these kinds of women, what are young men supposed to do? I strongly believe that most men, save for the small minority of born narcissists/sociopaths/etc., start out in their teen years wanting to play the positive male protector/provider role. Society doesn't support this, though, and they get confused and thrown off course.

Anonymous said...

Do you fat women even realize how fucking ugly you are? I mean I almost vommitted looking at your picture, you fat ass.


interesante said...

"The same thing happened to me in college. I'd talk to some overweight, unattractive girl and her face would just light up. "A guy is talking to me!!"" WOW. YOU CAN MIND READ???

interesante said...

Maybe they're just being nice douchewad.