Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feminists are r-selected Destroyers

"Superior people need to rule inferior people or else inferior people will cause problems for each other and for their betters. Superior people need to be more free. Inferior people cannot handle freedom, need supervision, discipline, and control. Inferior people need to be substantially less free." - Jim's Blog

I have been anti-"feminist" for a long time. The reason I use the quotes is that while most women may claim they are not feminists they still have been infected by its destructive values.

I might have been vaguely pro-feminist when I was 20, but I got over that fast. For one thing, of all the difficult jobs I had...there was not a woman in sight.

Feminism is leftist (in fact leftism is feminine, specifically the Bad Feminine) and if there is anything good in leftism, I don't know what it is. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, in his monumental Leftism Revisited, referred to leftism as the attempt to "murder the Father." He was right. (He also wrote that leftists don't merely understand human nature, but that "they don't understand it at all.")

It is an unfortunate fact (and the word "unfortunate" is an understatement) that "feminism," instead of helping women, has instead exposed the full extent of their many limitations, limitations that I didn't even know existed before they were exposed. History tells us about those flaws, but it's a bit hard to find those particular histories because they aren't taught anywhere, not in school, not in church, not by parents.

The limitations of leftist women correspond in many ways to r/k selection theory, especially r-selection. r/k selection theory states that a species that is r-selected has a lot of offspring but invests almost nothing in them. Like rabbits, or among humans, sub-Saharan Africans. A K-selected species has fewer offspring but invests a lot of them. Like wolves, whites and Asians.

I have found that r-selected are almost exclusively extroverts and liberals and the K-selected are almost always introverts who are conservative/libertarian. ("r" stands for "reproductive focus" and "K" for "competitive focus" K is about excellence in life, but more about that later).

Extroverts tend to be of low-to-moderate IQ and lack imagination and analytical ability. They are the ones referred to as the Sheeple. They are the cause of most of the problems in the world, since they believe almost everything they are told and are exceptionally prone to propaganda. Unless controlled, they tend to be sexually promiscuous, since they are r-selected.

With birth control, abortion and antibotics, they don't have to suffer the consequences of their promiscuity, unless they want to (generally it's to pop out a bunch of kids and go on welfare).

When you're looking at a woman who believes in abortion (almost always as a sacrament), who believes in promiscuity, isn't very smart or imaginative, who blames her problems on other people (most always on men), is an psychiatric medication, is a spinster with a cat, then you are looking at an r-selected extrovert. And it's extroverts who believe that everything good comes from the outside, from other people, so that's one of the reasons they think they government can give them them everything.

When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the authority of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries. Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excessively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless make-work jobs, believe that wealth falls like manna from heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children's lives though easy divorce and single parent-hood...and rationalized every bit of it.

And those are usually the ones with the higher IQs. The dumber ones get low-paid jobs, have kids out of wedlock, and get various types of welfare.

Extroverted r-selected women have values that only destroy societies. Men with the same values as just as bad and perhaps even worse. Every pressure available should be applied to prevent these woman from doing as they do, including preventing them from having children.

It's the high-IQ introverts, who are K-selected, who believe in excellence, since they are the ones who believe in investing a lot in their kids (so they will the best they can be). The ancient Greeks, who believed well-being/flourishing (eudaimonia) was achieved by excellence (arete)...how much do you want to bet it was the introverted Greeks who discovered those values?

The intelligent K-selected introverts are the ones who have discovered/created the ideas and inventions that advance societies. It is the less-intelligent r-selected extroverts who destroy everything in their path but somehow still rationalize it as advancement.

Our society is now mostly r-selected in its values. It won't last and will collapse. Actually it already is collapsing. And why? Because the inferior have gained too much influence.

In the long run, after a lot of strife and turmoil, I hope the K-selected values of intelligence and excellence will ascend to their rightful place.


Anonymous said...

Is this your favorite song?


Unknown said...

In my entire life I have never seen a woman change a tire.

Quartermain said...

Here is an article you may find of interest:


Baloo said...

My GOD you're good at this. I have reblogged this and made a quibcag from one of your quotes here:

Podsnap said...

Doesn't this go against one of the key ideas of the manosphere ?

Male optimum mating strategy - fuck as many women as you can - sperm are cheap. This looks r-selected.

Female optimum mating strategy - fuck just one guy - wombs are rare. This looks k-selected.

Great blog by the way - found you through Morning News Telegraph aggregator - would never have known of your existence otherwise.

Unknown said...

"Male optimum mating strategy - fuck as many women as you can - sperm are cheap. This looks r-selected."

Not for most introverts. I am an INTJ and all of us find promiscuity not all that pleasant.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the MBTI?

I'm ENTJ, relatively extroverted(not quite a social butterfly) and call myself neoreactionary. I've noticed that a lot of people with my type tend to be conservative/ libertarian, and the only other neoreactionary I've met in person is someone with my type.

Also read somewhere that every NT type tends to vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Mencken's infamous and hilarious work on this subject that got him accused of being the greatest misogynist since Schopenhauer?



The women's sites seem to like it enough to post it even though it is not remotely a feminist work but a realist one.

I also think to fully understand human behavior, male or female, all realistic people need to read these 2 extremely important books:

Lysander Spooner, "Vices Are Not Crimes, A Vindication Of Moral Liberty"


Instincts of the Herd In Peace & War -- Wilfred Trotter


Trotter's book, being a scientific treatise, is not an easy read but definitely worth the effort. It was a major influence on Bernays, Goebbels and Ellul.

~ Negentropic

Unknown said...

First, matriarchy is nothing new. Conceivably, it lasted longer than any patriarch society. It's stable. It still exists in many sub-saharan places, where children remain the property of the mother's village, and man is reduced to the role of an occasional fuck. The problem is that feminism is neither. It forces women to do and complete in the man's workplace instead of creating its own.

Second, all those r- and k- selections are bogus unproven theories. Everything in the wild kingdom is ruled by alpha selection principle. No exceptions. Then comes homo sapiens with his vertical biped stance, which completely reshape woman reproductive organs, unable to carry a baby to the point of self-defense within 2-4 days. Human infant is totally helpless for almost a year. As the result, woman tends to choose a more "intelligent" male, the one who would stay with her and baby for longer, providing food and protection. In return the nature equip her with year round sexual receptivity. In other words, biologically she would still prefer to fuck an alpha male, which is proven by many experiments during ovulation vs. all other times. This "anomaly" is what made us civilized, because it tapped into much larger gene pool. Many other than muscular fitness and speed traits got inherited. Beethoven and Einstein are result of this, not some "k-selection".

Liberation of women, their financial independence, along with societal child rearing institutions, reversed this. Women started looking for trophy males once again, whatever their imagination tells them. It's an evolutionary turn, wether you like it or not.

Unknown said...

There never has been a "matriarchy" and you don't realize how unattractive most women are. Trophy males? Good luck for almost all women getting them.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is the clown who wrote this?

Unknown said...

Who the hell is the genius who wrote this?

Anonymous said...

hitler did nothing wrong

Christian said...

I agree, hitler did nothing wrong!

Anonymous said...

when the (((tribe))) gave the world the contraceptive pill they did this:

hormonal contraceptives suppress oxytocin induced brain reward responses to partner's face

basically this makes women unable to properly pair bond and today we are at 80% of all divorce is initiated by women.