Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Easiest Ways to Prevent Rape

Some years ago I read an article in which a young woman told a nun she had been raped after getting drunk. When the nun quizzed her about the details of the case, the advice she gave her was:

"Don't drink with strange men."

I'll add this: don't drink with dumb high school and college jocks.

Also: don't drink until you're semi-conscious.

Most of my drinking was done in high school, and none of us ever got dead slobbering drunk. I don't understand why anyone would want to get that drunk.

Apparently parents don't talk to their kids about drinking, except perhaps to say stupid things like "Just don't do it." Which never works.

There is a weird self-deluded streak in this country that seems to think if you forbid something - or else ignore it - the problem goes away.

There is no such thing as "a rape culture." The closest we have to one is naive teenage and college girls getting blind drunk with dumb jocks. They're just asking for big trouble - especially when dealing with boys with no honor.


Carnivore said...

There's one more angle at play here. The high school/college females have been raised to believe male = female. Therefore, the 110 lb. female can down drinks one on one with the 190 lb. (or heavier) jock.

It used to be that a woman was raised to be careful about a man plying her with drink. Now, women jump straight in.

Unknown said...

I forgot about that one.