Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coming Pretty Soon! The Way Big Collapse of Sex Roles!

There is a bit of a problem with sex roles these days, and they cannot continue on the course they’re on.

My view is that feminism was not a response to oppression, but boredom. Men’s inventions had made life so much easier that some the more intelligent women, many of them not being able to overcome the challenge of leisure, became bored and wanted to move into the traditionally male fields.

One of the problems is that they did not want to become coal miners or loggers or steel mill workers or garbage men, or carpenters or taxi drivers, as I was. They didn’t want any hot, dangerous, dirty, sweaty jobs. They wanted to move into relatively easy, indoor, well-paying work. (My experience has been women are lousy managers.)

Since they were now working full-time, they wanted men to share housework. This does seem fair, but what these women were saying is, “I want access to the more pleasant male role, but I want men to help with the less-pleasant female role.” But men changed and accepted this. They were stupid and naive to do so, probably out of a misguided sense of fairness.

But at the same time, men were not allowed access to the more pleasant female role, such as staying home with the kids. Almost all women would be outraged if they made a very high salary and their husbands expected their wives to support them.

Women wanted access to the good part of being a male, but not the bad part. They wanted men to accept the unpleasant parts of the female role but not the pleasant parts. So where exactly did men benefit in all of this?

And at the same time, hallucinations about “patriarchy” and “male oppression” became the accepted reality. Men, who are responsible for civilization and technology, became the Bad Guys. Women, who as Camille Paglia so famously noted, would be unable to advance civilization beyond the level of grass huts, became the Good Guys.

Again, where exactly did men benefit from all of this?

Worse, Affirmative Action, which means “White Men Need Not Apply,” has enshrined quotas into law and prevented qualified men from being hired in the numbers they should be hired.

So what happened is women with advanced degrees and making good salaries looked around and found there was a shortage of men they thought were suitable. So, without husband, home and children, they became hostile and bitter – and I have seen many of them.

I have also seen many of these women making good salaries still expect men to ask them out. I’ve met women who in their entire lives never asked any man they were interested in out for a cup of coffee.

Again, they didn’t want to shoulder any of the more unpleasant aspects of the male role. They didn’t want to risk rejection, and still don’t. However, it’s still okay for the man to risk it.

I’ve met women who married the wrong guy (who asked them out), got divorced, got drunk one night, and called some guy they knew years ago, wondering if he was available. Then they found he was happily married, with children, many years ago. Who’s to blame for this – him, or her?

Years ago I drove a taxi and got to know quite a few hookers. It was enlightening the things I saw. I’d take these girls to their customers and wait for them. A noticeable number of the guys didn’t do anything but watch some videos with the girls. They were paying for their company on a lonely Friday night.

Where is “patriarchy” and “male oppression” in something like that?

I can’t see these unnatural sex roles continuing much longer. They’ll have to change, and will; I just don’t know when. But sooner or later, they’ll change - once the heartbreak gets bad enough.


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Great essay Bob.

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Sooner the collapse the better.

Great article and insight.