Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why I Live Off of Women

When I graduated high school the blue-collar, working-class guys went to work at the local steel mills and started at what today would be about $30,000. In five years they were making about $75,000. I didn't work there because I would have been driven nuts.

Those high-paying blue-collar jobs are gone, gone, gone, thanks our traitorous, back-stabbing government.

So I went to college, believing the con that college degrees translated into higher pay. Now that's certainly true if you have an in-demand degree, but otherwise, nope.

So I decided to live off of women. Since I'm one of those semi-psychopathic "Dark Triad" guys I don't have much of a conscience, and I'm incapable of love but only manipulation, but I decided, what the hell.

So I started targeting older, sick women with money, conned them into leaving most of their money to me, and when they died I got the money. Once I got a car. I've inherited all kinds of stuff, most of which I sold.

This happened only twice, but I got enough money so I never have to work again.

It's even gotten better recently, although I don't make any big scores anymore.

Since men have been pushed out of the workforce, and women are more favored for jobs, there are plenty of single women out there with money.

Of course I lie to them and make up I got lucky in stocks and stuff, and that's why I'm retired. And I've found the best way to treat them is to not take any shit of them whatsoever. After all, they are easily replaced. And I have replaced them, too, after I got what I wanted.

I knew about this "Game" stuff even before the Internet was around.

Of course I had to give up family and children, since it hasn't been possible to really have those for years, but, well, I have a fair amount of money. And I got get some kicks out of dominating and manipulating susceptible women.

Now if you get lucky enough to find a good woman, and a good job, and you end up with home and children, then more power to you.

But for those of us who were denied all those things - what Freud called "work and love" - there are consolations. I just wrote about what I have done.

As Willie Nelson sang in "Night Life": "It ain't no good life, but it's my life."


Glen Filthie said...

I don't think us older guys need 'game' at all if I understand the concept of game correctly.

Hell, on the few occasions I go to the pub - I am getting hit on by cougars...and I am not a handsome devil like Uncle Bob either. I think the stereotype of the aging cougar out porking the younger men is largely myth...the ones I have seen would throw themselves at your feet and if you weren't interested they would try even guys like me.

I have no time for them, thankfully I have an old world woman and we are happily married. I look at the dating game out there now and just shudder.

Unknown said...

I get cougars hitting on me on the street and dog parks. They ignore the ring (oops, I just admitted the article is satire).

Robert What? said...

"I don't think us older guys need game ..."

Just curious what you consider "older"?

Unknown said...

I'd say anyone past 45 doesn't really need much in the Manosphere.