Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fixing the Female Brain

The Founding Fathers didn't deny women the vote as an oversight. They realized about 80% of women were natural socialists/fascists (Pareto was right with his 80/20 law), they were ruled by their feelings, and since they realized socialism and irrationality only destroys and never creates, they denied them the vote.

Incidentally, they denied most men the vote, too. They only wanted intelligent, responsible, employed landowners to vote, since they were trying to found a country they hoped would last.

Unfortunately, not only does socialism/fascism destroys countries, it destroy lives without people even realizing what the problem is.

I know a woman who had been a socialist until she was in her early 40s. She felt it was right, and even rationalized it to the degree she could - which was a lot of degrees. She had been a particularly unfortunate kind - an anti-gun, pro-universal-health-care vegetarian (she tried to make her cat a vegetarian until it got sick and she started feeding it meat again).

She couldn't find any men. There had been a couple potential mates when she was younger, but they weren't anti-gun, vegetarian, etc. In other words, they didn't met her standards and and so weren't good enough for her. That narcissistic all-good/all-bad filter in her head came slamming down and she couldn't just get past it and involved with them.

Then after about five years of thinking and reading (it generally does take about five years for people to really change their minds), she realized her beliefs were wrong, and she became more of a libertarian then anything else. She also realized she had said "no" to men she could have married. Talk about regrets!

She had given up having a relationship. She thought she was too old. Then, one day, much to her great shock, she met a guy - a pro-gun, anti-universal-healthcare libertarian. A rather well-known one, actually.

Not long after she moved in with him and they have been together for ten years. (She also told me she finally understood what gratitude was, and that enough was as good as a feast: "We have fun shopping").

Not all outcomes are so lucky. I know another woman - a pro-universal-healthcare liberal - who is now 49 years old, with no home, husband or children, just an apartment and a cat. And several psychiatric medications.

She hasn't changed her mind. She still holds her liberal beliefs and cannot give them up. She still expects to find a man like her. It may happen, but I really doubt it. Really, really doubt it.

Since so many women are apparently inherently socialists, education while young may overcome some of this fuzzy-mindedness. I certainly won't leave this task up to the public schools, since they are socialistic and aren't going to teach the truth. Especially with all the confused female teachers.

I realized something was wrong with the public schools when I was in...kindergarten.

Young girls should be taught to be pro-gun, anti-socialist, and pro-economic and political liberty. Since women are herd creatures and ultimately do what they're told, it would work. It wouldn't work perfectly (nothing does), but it would be a hell of a lot better than the mess we have now.

The 40+ years of men and women being subjected to a relentless barrage of Marxist-Leninist feminist-lesbian propaganda hasn't had any good effects at all, just increased strife and conflict.

Unfortunately, some young women have lost their lives because of their liberalism. One lost her life trying to help Africans in South Africa - until they beat her to death. Another lost her life trying to help Palestinians in Israel - until an Israeli bulldozer ran her over after she lay down in front of it. These were silly liberal young women, and damn their bone-headed parents for supporting their bizarre fantasies.

These girls weren't rational - they were fuzzy-minded liberals ruled by their emotions. And it cost them their lives - for nothing.

These days, men (or rather boys) are considered "defective women" (which the foolish and dangerous try to fix with "medication") I find that odd, since civilization was created by men, and as Camille Paglia so accurately noticed, without men, women would still be living in grass huts (and still blaming their problems on men.)

Being more of a conservative libertarian than anything else, I know that civilization is a thin film on top of a whole lot of bad human nature (I consider civilization to be a fragile hothouse flower). One of those bad things is socialism, which is really more of an attempt to apply family/tribal values to entire societies. Which isn't possible at all.

Education does help - to a degree. But these days, to tell women they are natural socialists, and almost all of them shouldn't be allowed to vote, and that many are irrational and ruled by their feelings, that most of their degrees are worthless, their jobs are worthless (indeed ultimately dangerous because they are make-work)...that's not going to go anywhere. For now. But in the long run it will work because when the economy and society get bad enough, our natural roles will assert themselves

Then women will find, to their great shock, that they are happier being women instead of trying to imitate men and becoming third-rate men.


Anonymous said...

"It takes five years to change a willing mind" - Garret Hardin, from "Stalking the Wild Taboo"

Note the operative word - "Willing."

Unknown said...

Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a nation of fascists over a nation of libertarians any day. It's like the house built on stone vs. the house built on sand. Or, like male vs. female, respectively.