Thursday, December 12, 2013

Custom-Made Clothes

If I was so rich I didn't have to work my life still wouldn't change all that much. The one thing I would do is get custom-made pants.

It's all well and good that most clothes are relatively cheap, and there are many of them because they are machine made, but damn if I can find pants that fit. And I've never met a guy whose pants fit perfectly.

One of my friends complains all the time he cannot find pants that fit. I've got around the problem by taking all my pants to a tailor and having them fitted. Which is kind of deflating that I have to buy pants and then pay again so they fit me.

At least I'm not like Hank Hill, who had to go to a support group because he didn't have a butt and had to sit on a pillow all the time.

I have no problem with shirts or shoes, but pants? That's a different story.

The first time I read Richard McKenna's The Sand Pebbles I was stuck by the fact all the sailors had custom-fitted clothes because a Chinese tailor came on board and measured all of them, then made their clothes.

I always dress casually but well. I remember a girl in college who said to me, "You dress casually all the time but you do know how to dress."

My problems with pants has gotten so bad I know spend extra money to buy hemp pants. They're the only I have never had to tailor...and they last for a long time...several years.

I have found women never gave a damn about my Bulova watch (from the '50s and rebuilt once) or my car. But clothes and shoes? Yes.


lowly said...

Marry, then they won't care about your clothes either.

Glen Filthie said...


This is the life, Bob: Carhartts right off the rack!Buy 'em loose, cinch 'em up with a belt and away you go! If you slip and fall in a pile of shit outside the store, wash them and get back at it! I have known men that fret over clothing but I am not one of them unless we are talking about motorcycle leathers - but that's about function and safety.

Was Bulova a good watch once, Bob? The new ones today are crap. I had a topline Seiko and I found out that they are now garbage too.

My new timepiece is a retro automatice called a 'cave dweller' made by a company called Boschett. It's a boutique watch that is literally built like a tank and rated watter resistant to 1000m. The industry has changed; I think the day of the time piece as a status symbol are pretty much over.

Unknown said...

I have Carhartts, which I forgot to mention. The Bulova is from the '50s and a wind-up one. It's a great watch if you don't mind winding it. But I have to get it rebuilt, and it cost $150. The jeweler said it was worth about $20, but I didn't mind. That last time I bought a Timex it broke the first day.

Anonymous said...

Citizen EcoDrive Calibre 8700. Ten years later the crystal's a bit scuffed but works like the day I bought it.