Monday, December 23, 2013

Experience Trumps Theory Every Time

I had been taught in college that women were monogamous and men were polygamous. I had some doubts about that when I remembered high school; I had seen more than once one girl do six guys. I repeat: more than once.

It was just as bad in college, but in a different way. It was then I saw some girls have sex with 20 guys. So I starting to come to the opinion that when let loose, some girls became very promiscuous. Not all, of course, but a noticeable number.

I was confirmed in my opinion when I started seeing divorces - most of which were initiated by the women, sometimes to "find themselves." Whatever that means. You call that naturally monogamous? (By the way, the costs of divorce and single mothers are now overwhelming.)

Later I find these "findings" were called "Evo-Psych," and even today I think it's overwhelmingly a joke.

I was also taught that women were more "biologically valuable" than men because they could only have several children during their lives while men were mostly irrelevant because one man could impregnate several thousand women.

Really? A woman is only biologically valuable for maybe 15 years. After that, "biologically," she's worthless, because she can no longer have children anymore. A man, for the other hand, can have kids from the time of puberty until perhaps in his 80s.

The late comedian Tony Randall had a child in his early 80s, then keeled over soon after, which makes me wonder what his son is going to tell people.

So you can make the argument, based on reality, that women past their age of fertility are completely worthless.

Society solved this problem in the past by having mothers and grandmothers become depositories of wisdom, which they passed on to younger women. I don't see that too much anymore. But at least they were valuable - very valuable.

These days, perhaps we can take post-menopausal women and use them as cannon fodder. I'm sure they'd love that, if equality means men and women having equal responsibilities.

Or perhaps we can just warehouse them in huge cinderblock apartments and feed them potatoes and oatmeal. We'd save swimming pools of money. Or perhaps, after the age of 35, if they're not married and have children, they can just be euthanized as parasites on society.

After all, what wisdom can a woman pass on without a husband, home and children? Would you actually believe anything said by a spinster with multiple cats, who blames her life on men? Perhaps she can wax eloquent about the wonderful career she thinks she had.

I've mentioned these measures to some women and most have been outraged. They seem to think they're valuable when they're far beyond child-bearing age. As for that wisdom...they'd better start developing some.

For that matter, why should any man be chivalrous to some "biologically worthless" women?


lowly said...

What's with the obsession with women anyway? Got any other hobbies?

Unknown said...

If you knew you linked to my blog you'd understand why I write about the things I do. You write for you audience, which is why this blog has gone from 50 visitors a day to over 2000.

RJ said...

Nah, we just need to implant a red gem in females' hands. Once they hit 35, we send them to Carousel...

Unknown said...

Okay, that made me laugh.

Jess_Wundring said...


I usually enjoy reading your posts, they tend to be thoughtful and provocative, but this one really has me scratching my head. I'm guessing some woman peed in your cereal that morning?

Unknown said...

What I was taught in college is not how reality is. And many "scientists" pontificate as if what they say is the Truth - and people fall for it.