Thursday, December 5, 2013

Protectors, Providers, Creators, Fixer-Uppers...Uh Oh

"Where there is no family, men and women revert to their feral instincts, they wear the coat of civilization loosely and cast it aside easily." - Daniel Greenfield.

Men throughout history have been protectors/providers, fixer-uppers, creators...and now comes the uh oh.

Most men have pretty much been terminated as protectors/providers (thank you government and its silly laws), although they're still supposed to still be those things as police/soldiers for protection and taxpayer/providers for state services. That's why I say women can marry men or they can marry the State.

Yet men are still supposed to be creators and fixer-uppers. That's why I point out repeatedly men created and maintain civilization, science, technology and all those other goodies. They create and repair, and get no appreciation or gratitude for it whatsoever.

This is why it's so funny when women say they are "independent." That's laughable. They're 100% dependent on men for everything that men have created/maintained. Which is, well, everything.

Oh, and by the way, the only thing that freed women from a life of drudgery (also shared by men) was technology - created by men. That's it. It was nothing else. Of course, it's still men who do the dangerous, dirty maintain/repair/create jobs while middle-class/upper-class women want safe indoor jobs (while throwing working-class women under the bus).

When women say, "There are no good men" they mean they still want someone who can make enough money to be a protector/provider (and he's supposed to be tall and handsome, too)...but he's only supposed to be a protector/provider...when she wants him to be. And he's supposed to accept her career...until she wants to quit. And he's supposed to pay taxes to support state services...which don't help him.

I came to the conclusion years ago that men are under no obligation whatsoever to women, not considering what they are getting in return. That is, no respect, no appreciation, no gratitude. Just gimme gimme gimme.

This is what is meant by the death of chivalry. Of course, women still expect men to be "chivalrous," again without getting anything in return. Except for attempts at shaming, humiliation, and guilt.

I wonder what the future will be like. It's already arrived, and is arriving daily.

I see marriages breaking up or not forming, children being raised by single mothers and growing up with horrendous problems (which single mothers will ignore, claiming they need more taxpayer money and more programs), men refusing to be protectors/providers (including as police and soldiers and taxpayers), including creating enough economic production to advance society, more money concentrated at the top as they throw everyone else under the bus, women going after the best-looking men only (deluding themselves that because he might fuck them he'll stay with them), women despising men who can't meet their standards, so they hate them and try to abuse and shame them...and then men seeking various forms of revenge on them.

Right now we are mostly running on stored capital. Eating a lot of our seed corn, you can say. Or, to mix metaphors, you an say the well is running dry.

I don't that capital will ever go away and indeed it is being replenished. But it's getting harder and harder...and do it.

And I suspect, almost to the point of knowing, there will be less and less love in relationship. How can there be any love when there is hate, disrespect, contempt, shame, humiliation?

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