Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Female Logic: I'm Not Married, I Can't Get Laid, and I Have a Tiny Little Penis

Nearly every time I write or say something that offends a certain class of women, I am almost always the recipient of female logic: "You're not married! You can't get laid!" and of course the most devastating insult of all: "You probably have a little dick!"

Yes, it's true: I have a tiny dick. A microdick, actually. And I am just so broke up about it. I am mystified as to why women are so obsessed with dicks....unless they're not getting any. Or perhaps what they can get is not what they want.

Female logic is first and foremost, ad hominim insults. After that, it's blaming their problems on men. What they both have in common is hysteria.

I was once sitting in a bar watching a drunk girl arguing with a man about something which I don't remember. He was basically making a fool of her until she was reduced to saying, "You're not married!" Well, neither was she.

Just about the first thing women do is check a guy's ring finger. Ring: someone has gotten him. No ring: "Creep! Loser! Tiny penis!"

Apparently some women really think that it is a devastating insult to claim that a man is not married, or can't get laid, or he has a tiny penis. For the most part, I think they are projecting their own problems on men: "I'm not married. I don't have a sex life."

In other words, they are exposing their own problems. That's why I don't argue with them and just say: "You're just exposing your own problems...no home, no husband, no children...and no hope for any of them. And, oh yeah - you're ugly."

The first time I told an unpleasant, bitchy woman that she was ugly she got up and ran out of the room. And she never talked to me again. Mission accomplished! Later, one of my friends told me, "You really hurt her feelings." And mine? That never occurred to her.

Some women think they can say anything they want to a men, and are stunned if he says anything back...especially if it's true. Which means they perceive it as cruelty, although they never perceive what they do as cruel.

What they are doing is engaging in irrational shaming tactics, and if they aren't going to act like decent women I'm not going to be chivalrous. Do they really think these tactics are going to have a good effect? Only a fuzzy-minded hysteric could think that. And men's reaction to their attacks is entirely rational. Self-defense always is.

Hit them where it hurts, I say.


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