Thursday, December 5, 2013

When It Comes to Women's Problems, It's Amost Always About Men

When it comes to women, their biggest flaw just might be blaming all their problems on men. Isn't that really what feminism - now enshrined in law - is all about?

Even Carl Jung said women's biggest problem is thinking she is always right. He said for many of them it was "a sacred conviction" and they had to overcome it to be happy. That makes sense to me. How can you be happy blaming all your problems on others and never taking responsibility for yourself? That's what children do, although Schopenhauer said women were just big children, anyway.

There is a one-man, long-running play called, "Defending the Caveman." The writer one said that while man consider women mysterious - and are okay with it - women consider men wrong. He said that when he once said that in the play, a woman stood up in the audience and yelled, "They ARE wrong!"

When women think men are responsible for their problems, they'll think men are responsible for their happiness, too. Even if they can't admit it.

Ever since I was 12 I noticed that most women's problems revolve around men. The first time I saw a girl cry in school I was perhaps 13, and she was in the lunchroom crying in front of her boyfriend. Apparently he didn't like her enough, or something like that.

One of my friends actually got fired by his female boss (who came on board long after he was hired) because he wasn't interested in her. Before that, when we worked together, a woman there filed a sexual harassment complaint against him, because he dated her once and never again. Fortunately the man she filed it with knew what was going on and blew it off.

I even had a women file a sexual harassment complaint against me because I wasn't interested in her. Apparently in her mind, we had been involved and then I had rejected her. The whole was a complete fantasy lodged somewhere in her brain.

By the way, my friend who was harassed and fired isn't married - and I don't think he ever will be.

Just about every time I see a woman with problems it almost always involves a man. And I've had more than one woman suddenly start to dislike me because I wasn't interested in them. Suddenly the hate just came pouring out of them, and my opinion is that none of them understood what the real problem was. It's like they have almost no self-knowledge at all.

I've even had more than one woman whose relationships with men not work out tell me, "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world."

I written about this before, but I once had a scrawny, dried-up spinster open the door to my van to check on my dog, then decided to call the police about him because she thought it was too hot for him to be in the van. Again, a hallucination lodged somewhere in her brain.

When she started running her mouth I told her she was an stupid ugly fucking cunt who didn't know anything about me or my dog, and she should mind her own business and take care of her own problems.

Her eyebrows shot up, her mouth popped open, she took a step back, then screamed at me: "You're no gentleman! You're not married!" She's right, I am no gentleman, not when dealing with women who aren't ladies.

And when she made that comment, I knew beyond all doubt she was divorced/never married and blamed her problems on men. That kerfluffle was not about my dog. It was about me.

This isn't the only time I've had women assault me - and other men - in public. And every time, they were not married/divorced. I've even had women tell other women I made passes at them when I hadn't.

I have seen it over and over: women blaming their problems on men, being rude and hostile, thinking they can abuse and try to shame men in public, and then when it backfires on them, they can't see what they problem is, and are shocked.

A few months ago an elderly woman gently told me to say "please" to her. I wasn't offended. I was amused. I took her hand, squeezed it, and said, "Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry." She got this big grin on her face and squeezed by hand back.

That's the difference between catching more flies with honey instead of vinegar.

It got to the point a long time ago I don't take women's complaints seriously, not when almost all of them are unjustified whines about men. And you know what? Women did it to themselves. Not that they'll believe that...since they blames their problems on men.

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