Friday, December 20, 2013

Do I Have a Booger Hanging From My Nose?

Something that mystifies me is when I get women who are far too young looking at me. What I have found that is when a woman looks at you, and looks again (the word "recognize" means to "look twice") she is going to speak to you.

What I have always found strange is that some of them are way too young. A few months ago I was in a coffee shop and suddenly looked up (the way your head involuntarily turns when someone is looking at you) and I found a girl about 16 looking at me. I figured she was thinking, "He was probably pretty good-looking about a thousand years ago." She, of course, immediately looked away.

So I've decided there are a few things going on here: I look like her father, I look like an old boyfriend, I look like her, or I have a booger hanging from my nose.

I have found that a women gets along with her father, she tends to be attracted to men who look like him. I have also found some women are attracted to guys who look like them. Probably six women who looked like me have hit on me. If you stood them together they'd look like sisters.

Many women tend to be attracted to men like their fathers, and men tend to be attracted to women like their mothers - if they like them.

I told one girl, "I think you like me because I look like you, and I look like your father." She didn't say anything. (I had one say, "You're not good-looking but you're interesting-looking.")

I've even asked some, and they can't give me an answer except, "You looked interesting." So when I point out we look like each other they admit it's true.

Sometimes, they're attracted even if they don't like them. It's almost as if they're trying to clean up old unfinished business with their parents.


Anonymous said...

Women sense your power, but you deny them your essence.

You're just the sexiest manly man on earth, dude. And so refreshingly honest about it. Compared to you, all other male bloggers are truly fags.

Unknown said...

Okay, that funny. I did smile.

RJ said...

Most young women alive today have never seen a man. They are trying to figure out what you are, since you aren't a Pajamaboy...