Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Women Should Thank God Love Exists

Some years ago I was told, "If you couldn't fuck women and have kids by them, there would be a bounty on them." Which reminded me of a comment by Homer Simpson: "Why couldn't God find someone else for us to marry besides women!?"

Think about what that means: if men couldn't love women, they'd be worthless except for having babies. All the things men have done for women, they wouldn't do. And women can't do those things themselves - create, discover, invent, repair. To quote Camille Paglia, without men they'd still be living in grass huts.

Everything men have done for women, they have done, ultimately out of love. Without love, women would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

If women had any sense and understood these things, they'd overflowing with gratitude and appreciation. Instead, they're eaten up with envy of men - and that is exactly what feminism is. Leftist, envious, desiring, to paraphrase Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, to "murder the Father." Even if they destroy themselves.

That's what envy does - "I'll bring you down even if I destroy myself!" And loveless, envious women are just big babies. Not big children, as Schopenhauer suggested, but big infants - hate-filled, raging, loveless.

You can't be envious and feel gratitude at the same time. You'll find that wisdom as far back as Aesop and such folk tales as "Snow White," in which the Evil Queen says, "I'll destroy her even if I die."

Women in general are far more envious than men. That, again, is why feminism is leftist, and again, leftism is based on envy.

Can the envious love? I see no evidence of that. Gratitude, appreciation, love, yes. Envy and no gratitude? Then there cannot be love.

I wonder where all this is going to lead? Envious, ungrateful women, trying to destroy men...so men are withdrawing and not loving women, instead denigrating them as whores, users, and abusers.

Men are now wising up to what women are doing - and someday women will realize just now dependent they are on men - which is 100%.


Take The Red Pill said...

"...someday women will realize just now dependent they are on men - which is 100%."

Women MAY come to realize it, but they would NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER admit it. They are much too arrogant, spiteful, hateful, narcissistic, and conceited to ever do that. They would much rather have Western civilization to come crashing down than to ever admit that they were wrong.
Nemesis is long overdue for the hubris-filled Western female population.

Robert What? said...

Fortunately there are blogs like this where men can come together and put words to the uneasy feelings they've had for years that something was just not right: about their marriages (or lack of) or their GF (or lack of).

beppo said...

Years, in fact decades, ago I accepted that, as a white male, I could expect to be the object of the envy-based hatred of perhaps hundreds of millions of people all my life; and that nothing I can do can change this.
Gender or race-based jealousy is implacable and is only increased by any generous or chivalrous behaviour on the part of it's object.
You could substitute black for female in this article and it would be equally accurate.

Anonymous said...

The manosphere is full of messages promoting the notion that women are incapable of love:







I'm not sure how accurate this stuff is, but it is thought provoking.