Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Destruction of Men, Women and Eros

The Greeks had a concept, Eros, which essentially meant union through love, which led to creation. The union of male and female to the creation of babies. For men, their union with work they loved lead to creation, discovery, fixing, repairing. I've seen women who loved cooking, which led to meals. All of that is kind of love leading to creation.

Every mythology I've know about considers the entire universe, from bottom to top, as masculine/feminine, positive/negative, motion/rest. And when all those come together and in balance and harmony, then we have creation - through a kind of love. In other words, love creates everything. And that is why in Christianity God is considered love (again, the same concepts exists in all religions and mythologies).

I find all it fascinating.

So what happens if men and women are out of balance, as we have today? If women start to act like men and men act like women?

Just look around. Women think they are supposed to believe they should be career-oriented and make a lot of money. Yet they are incapable of creating/discovering/repairing. That's why, as the humorist P.J. O'Rourke noted, without men civilization would last until the next oil change.

And if men stop following their true nature (which really won't happen, not all the way) then we lose a bunch of discovering/inventing/fixing/repairing. That's why so many young men have become slackers who get high and play video games. What's in it for them to do anything different? Nothing to very little. All costs and little benefit.

Right now the Feminine is ascendant, and that is not a good thing at all. Everything is out of balance.

Worse, it''s the Bad Feminine that is ascendant.

Politically, that bad feminine is leftism. Leftism is always feminine, thus feminism is leftist. And leftism always wants to destroy, which is why women, mythologically, have always been either the nurturing or destroying.

The nature of leftism is to destroy everything, in the vain hope something better will arise out of the chaos. That will never happen. Specifically, it is about destroying the masculine, which, to paraphrase Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, is defined it as attempting to "overthrow the Father." That's why leftists hallucinate about "patriarchy" and the "oppression" of women.

None of it is about "equality." It's about destroying men. That is the nature of leftism and the Bad Feminine.

Of course, none of this will last. I'm curious as to what will as it collapses. I do know that with things this out of baalance that Eros, that is, love between men and women, will become harder and harder to find.


Anders said...

The natural instinct to love and protect a woman has been burned out of me long ago. What I despise most are the white knights amongst us who still go out of their way to defend women... especially those retards that keep saying first wave feminism started with good intentions. The road to hell was paved the same way.

Glen Filthie said...

My fear is that this is not the endgame.

Consider the next election - and Hillary Clinton. Powerful western nations...led by old women?

Oh boy. She's gonna be a wild ride, boys...