Friday, October 3, 2014

Yay for Ebola!

First of all, I have a smallpox vaccination scar on my left bicep. Many of you don't.

I'm sorry about the people who have died from Ebola, but then, many Africans aren't the cleanest people and believe in witchcraft. We can't do anything about that (both HIV and Ebola are from Africa.)

And I'm sorry for the foolish Americans who went to Africa and got it.

But what it has done is bring to awareness that we don't need any immigrants from the Third World. None.

They have not brought anything useful to the U.S., just death, destruction, drunk driving, rape, theft, murder - and disease.

Of course, court-jester economists have lied through their teeth, trying to convince us these people are a benefit.

Finally, Americans just might be waking up to the fact that these people don't belong here, and will do nothing but destroy our country.

Let's see how the open borders whackos spin this one. While their scratching their Third World bedbugs and wondering if their cough might be tuberculous. And I've got - what? - smallpox? Bubonic plague? I thought those were eradicated!


Anonymous said...

What gets me are the religious twerps who believe that it is on us to rescue people from their own selves---but then want to go on mission trips to convert people, then come back to the US with whatever indigenous medical issue in their systems, as though God will protect the entirety of the people around them, simply because they've done something they believe to be good.

I believe fully in God--Yahweh to be specific--and the one thing I've always believed about "mission" work is that, once you've said, "Here I am, God, send me," then you'd best be prepared that you might not get to come back. Some self-absorbed idea that a person, as a missionary, is so important that this person must be allowed to come back, no matter the risk, not only won't save these third world nations from themselves, it will put safety at risk in First world countries.

Anonymous said...

Estimated deaths in the current epidemic ~ 3300. Sad an all that.

Population of Africa

This is not an epidemic, it is insignificant.

But it is an opportunity for the WHO, UNICEF etc to get this bandwagon rolling.

Unknown said...

As long as it stays over there.

I'm waiting for the first American child to get it. Or tuberculous from a Mexican.

Anonymous said...

"As long as it stays over there."

No dispute.

But, it appears that it is pretty hard to contract - it probably helps that you and your family live in pretty squalid conditions, but who knows?

If its the so called 'flesh eating' bug - Necrotizing fasciitis - then it doesn't seem to be that contagious, probably because healthy people are disinclined to socialise with someone bleeding from every pore of his body, it's a sort of self isolating condition.

Robert What? said...

Damn that President Bush. It's all his fault. I can't wait til he's out of office ... twenty years.