Saturday, October 25, 2014

Women Who Are Full of Hate, Envy and Vengeance

For some reason which I cannot explain I have run into a lot of unmarried/divorced women who are full of hate and revenge. Revenge is often caused by envy, so I figure these women are full of all three.

Probably the first time I noticed this was in college, when I ran across some women who I can only describe as having "thick features." Not attractive, a bit overweight, would never have good bodies even if they lost the weight.

They often seemed to think they were entitled to guys way out of their league, and they were in a rage at guys in their league and tried to do things to them. Hate, envy, revenge.

Now I'm running across quite a few never married/divorced middle-aged women. Same - hate, envy, vengeance. Same thick features, same weight problems. They act entitled to something they don't deserve, and are full of hate toward many men.

Somewhere in their heads there is apparently something about "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." They don't realize if they've been scorned it's their fault for being so unpleasant. Their hate slops over onto innocent men.

Carl Jung, as I've pointed out before, said women's greatest flaw was thinking she was always right. That means men are always wrong, which means men are the cause of women's problems. At least in the heads of many women.

Such excessive pride, such envy, such hate, such desire for vengeance! Those are women's greatest flaws, and so much of it is directed toward men. And that's one of the reasons so many men are withdrawing from women. And many women cannot see that.

Because, of course, it's not women's fault. It's men's fault, so they have to change. But men have changed and tried to accommodate for decades. It's give and give and give and never get. No respect, no appreciation, no gratitude. Just abuse, contempt, hate, envy.

I decided quite a while go many women are just big, immature children. Not all, of course, but enough.

Sooner or later there is going to be a backlash. In fact, it's already started. It started a while ago. That's why marriage rates are at a 93-year low.

I wonder this, though: are women ever going to look in the mirror and realize how much of thee problems is their responsibility?

Answer? Most probably not.


Anonymous said...

"What is the worst thing you can do to someone?"

"Do absolutely nothing to them as you will validate their non-existence."

Anders said...

Most women I have encountered in my life are sedentary creatures who think the only form of exercise that matters is aerobic. God forbid they actually do some calisthenics or weight training, they might actually be physically fit then. The excuse they always use is, "I have to watch my girlish figure." because they irrationally fear muscle tone will make them too masculine even though that only applies to steroid abusers.

Glen Filthie said...

Ugh. You are spot on, Anders. Those old aerobic harridans are the worst; they are skinny, gristly, sharp boned and hatchet faced...and they think they are beautiful! They have all the feminine magnetism of Olive Oyl.

Anders said...

I absolutely love how these bitches all claim to be intelligent, when their not even smart enough to have proper diet and exercise. All of them from the skinny fat girls to the chubby and grossly obese. Seeing a physically fit girl around about where I live in East TN is like spotting a unicorn.

John Craig said...

It's almost sad to think that back in the caveman days, a lot of these women would actually have been beautiful, since food was so scarce, and the food that was available wasn't of the agriculturally-derived, starchy variety.

Not only that, but with survival itself being much more precarious, they would have been grateful for whatever help they had in warding off marauding bears and obtaining deer meat. So they couldn't have afforded to be so bitchy.

Take The Red Pill said...

"...are women ever going to look in the mirror and realize how much of the problems is their responsibility?"

I wouldn't hold my breath depending on THAT! The Martians will land first!

..."I have to watch my girlish figure."

I about laughed myself silly reading THAT, as there is NOTHING "girlish" about these modern-day harridans! They wouldn't know how to act "girlish" if their life depended on it!
(And BTW -- for the benefit of any of these 'modern' BP, psychotic, harpies who could be reading this -- acting "girlish" does NOT mean being a shrieking, trampy, foul-mouthed, violence-prone, lying, scheming, psycho-bitch-from-Hell.)

"MGTOW. Because some societies just are not worth saving." -- Rex Patriarch