Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The World-Spanning Male Brain

"Machines are amplifiers" - Cooper's Law

The author is correct. The internet is male; created, maintained, repaired by men. This makes the internet a world-spanning male brain, of which I am a neuron. In some ways it is a superorganism.

Women, for the most part, are abusing it, trying to turn it into a leftist "female" space. How? By attacking men.

Perhaps, women should be bred like cattle. And because of easy travel men are in a sense are breeding women: look how many men marry foreign women, especially Asian women, because so many American women are disgusting.

Here is the title: Men Have Bred Dogs And Cattle. Why Not Women Too? It's from Angry Harry.

"Sometimes, when I am sitting at the screen, I feel very much like a computer. My brain is the central processor, and everything else that is attached or linked to it in some way - arms, legs, internal organs - are mere peripherals.

"My brain goes through various thought processes, and then it rattles off what it is thinking about via its bodily peripherals and the keyboard.

"And 'I' sort of 'look on', while munching on a sandwich.

"Well, that's what it sometimes feels like.

"Also, my thoughts are very heavily influenced by what I have read - which mostly comes off the screen. And, moreover, the material that I have read is influenced by what other people have sent me - also through the screen. And so it seems quite clear that I am some kind of cog in a most enormous wheel.

"There is some vast exchange of information which has been created and reconfigured by human brains going on via the internet, and this information ends up influencing all those other brains that log on to read it - and who might then create their own information in order to respond. And so the flow and exchange of information keeps moving - and growing.

"There is therefore a huge amount of informational activity going on in cyberspace and in the brains of those who interact with it.

"There is therefore a huge amount of informational activity going on in cyberspace and in the brains of those who interact with it.

"Further, this information is clearly colouring much of that which now ends up in the mainstream media - which influence millions of people.

"I have oftentimes seen articles with wide circulations arise even from something that I have posted only a few days earlier - and sometimes with the same kind of phraseology used in some of the paragraphs.

"But such things work in both directions, and what I read influences me.

"And so the ideas and notions that I think I have so magnificently conjured up from my own brain really mostly derive from what I, myself, have been reading.

"Now, as the men's movement begins to grow, or, indeed, as more and more men like me simply get involved in areas which, in some way or other, push forward 'the aims of men' more into the forefront of this global psychological arena, so it is that forces will be created that will move in the direction of achieving these aims. And this will occur because the 'thinking' (the arguments, if you will) behind arranging matters for the acquiring of these aims, will also get pushed forward.

"In other words, some kind of enormous artificial 'male brain' is forming within cyberspace and it is connecting to the brains of those humans who access parts of it.

"And, in much the same way that my brain controls my body, so it is that this cyber-brain exerts some control over those beings who interface with it.

"And the male part of this cyber-brain is beginning to grow.

"And it is because of this 'male' brain growth that feminists have absolutely no hope of surviving as a significant force for very long, and why women really do need to watch their step.

"You see, in the past, men have always had to be nice to their women in order for their societies to cater as best as they could for everybody's needs and desires. And in places where men were not nice to their women, their societies and their cultures did not get very far.

"But, in the future, men might well not have to be so nice in order to guarantee the success and well-being of their societies - and themselves!

"You see, in the past, if men did not treat their women properly (i.e. as women wished to be treated) then, at the very least, they could not get their support. And without the support of their womenfolk (whether in terms of society as a whole, or at an individual level) the men were doomed.

"Somewhere, somehow, women who were treated badly would have ended up finding (or being found by) other men, and they would quickly have extricated themselves from their oppressors over time.

"Further, in the past, when the family was everything, it was very important to keep the women happy. There was no hope for any family or for a successful society without the support of women.

"And this, of course, worked both ways.

"Men and women depended on each other.

"But, in the future, men will not have to be so nice anymore because the various peoples of the world are becoming evermore coalesced into one huge society. As such, there will be no other society to compete with it. And if this society decides that women should be 'subjugated', then there will be no place for women to turn to in order to escape this.

"The European Union gives us a possible insight into how such a thing might come about.

"Imagine, for example, that the Roman Catholics and other religious groups suddenly became very powerful within the European bureaucracies, and that they instigated a law which made abortion illegal. Well, suddenly, throughout the whole of Europe, women would be prevented from having abortions or they would be prosecuted - perhaps for murder - if they broke the law. And so it is that a cascade of similar legislation emanating from just one supreme body could very easily overturn many of the 'rights' that women enjoy today.

"Such a possibility is clearly not that far away.

"And so when it comes to gender issues, it is quite possible - actually, very likely - that one gender will come to dominate this one global society that seems to be on the horizon.

"And the winning gender will depend on which 'brain' gets bigger - the male one or the female one - and which brain is 'more persuasive', both inside and outside cyberspace.

"Well, in my view, the male point of view will end up prevailing most strongly - for many reasons; most of which I never actually address on this website, since it seems prudent not to do so.

"Now, in the past, men could not really get away with considering only their own needs. They depended on their own women to love and to support them in order to survive in the rat race.

"If men didn't have the support of their women, then the other rats, who did, won!

"Men needed the support of their women.

"In the not too distant future, however, they won't.

"And so it is that I suspect that if western women remain antagonistic toward their men, their days of empowerment are numbered.

"In the past, such a development would not have occurred very easily because there would always have been enough other men who would have stepped in to 'side' with the women in order to get access to them. ('I will betray my gender if you sleep with me.')

"And powerful men have always arranged matters so that their access to more women is guaranteed - by, basically, oppressing and depriving those men who are lower down the food chain.

"But, in the future, men will not need to compete with each other over women.

"For example, more than enough women could be made available through, say, genetic manipulation techniques, or perhaps through 'supreme' legislation that, in effect, makes women 'more available' to men.

"Indeed, there are many developments currently taking place that could easily give men the upper hand.

"And, most importantly, men are beginning to recognise this.

"And therein lies the BIG change in the future balance of power.

"Could women stop such a thing?

"In the long run, I doubt it.

"How come?

"Well, in general, if men begin to see women as their adversaries rather than as their comrades, and a battle ensues, then the men will win hands down. The women will have no chance of succeeding.

"The only question of real interest is, therefore, will there be such a battle? And the answer to this is that it is probably already taking place. The Men's Movement is NOT a major power player in this battle, as yet, but it will be.

"For the moment, the battle is mostly taking place at the level of the individual (divorce, violence, avoidance of marriage, promiscuity, homosexuality) and it has been going on for some time.

"But when enough men begin to realise that many of the world's problems arise because of the dissatisfaction of men, and they consider ways in which this might be best alleviated, the subjugation of women while increasing their number would seem to have a lot going for it - particularly given that most men on the planet would quite readily take to such an idea.

"And even those who initially dissented could probably be persuaded to change their minds without too much effort.

"Thus, and for example, it would not surprise me at all if men's psychology led them to create circumstances which allowed them to access a veritable harem of women whenever they wished to do so.

"After all, the technology (e.g. the internet) will enable their psychology to have a huge impact. Future biological techniques will allow them to create females to specification. And globalisation will ensure that there is no escape and no alternative to a male-dominated landscape.

"Indeed, the required male psychology is already in place, the appropriate technology is getting there, globalisation is progressing quickly, and appropriate biological techniques are not that far away.

"So what, exactly, is likely to prevent men in the future from, say, breeding women like they breed dogs and cattle?

"Nothing, it seems to me.

"Supporting feminism will probably turn out to be the biggest mistake that western women have ever made. They have betrayed the very men who sacrificed much of their being and who worked and fought so hard in order to protect and care for them and themselves, and who have managed to provide the west with all the luxuries and benefits to which its peoples have grown so accustomed.

"Compared to western men, western women have contributed very little to the stunning progress achieved in their societies and, currently, by supporting feminism they seem to be doing their damnedest to destroy what their men have achieved.

"And when enough western men recognise that the current contributions of women, in the main, are more than offset by the problems that they are causing by their selfishness, I cannot foresee any other outcome than the one alluded to above; unless men simply continue to look on unthinkingly, and allow their societies to crumble and decay without any concern even for themselves - which, of course, might happen.

"But western women could hardly benefit from this.

"And if western women continue to undermine their men by supporting agendas that discriminate against them, and that rob them of their homes, their children, their security, their dignity, and their heritage, then they will only have themselves to blame should men decide that they have had enough of all this 'equality'.

"And, in many respects, I think that western women might have already missed the boat.

"For example, one of the best ways to ensure that peace and harmony prevail is for men to be treated properly, particularly by other men. And a major cause of violence and disharmony, whether at the street level or between nations, is partly the result of men having failed to learn to deal sympathetically and non-aggressively with other men.

"Putting this another way: If men were brought up to treat each other with respect, the benefits for society would be huge. Instead, however, we have the complete opposite, with battalions of people in the government, the feminist media and the legal profession hell bent on creating as much disharmony as possible through the demonisation of men - particularly the white ones - in order to feather their own nests.

"This demonisation has been so successful and so widespread - and its effects are now so ingrained - that it would likely take very many years before it could be countered sufficiently - possibly decades - if one were to try to achieve this through polite discussion, gentle persuasion and voting for the right politicians; and even this is assuming that the opposition would not put up much of a fight, which is unlikely.

"And so it is that the time frame is too long to prevent millions upon millions of men from being further alienated from western society and from becoming 'delinquent' and antagonistic toward it in some way.

"Indeed, even as I write this, a gang of 12 year old boys seems to have been involved in the raping of two girls aged 15.

"Males are beginning to attack women and children at a very early age these days despite everything that they have to lose.

"And, of course, the consequence of such things is that men will be demonised even further.

"We seem to have reached a situation wherein a vicious cycle of hatred has been set up by various feminist-dominated groups whereby men are responding to their alienation in a manner which guarantees even more alienation. And this spiralling upwards of hatred toward men now seems unstoppable.

"And this is why I believe that western women might have already missed the boat.

"Some kind of crisis seems likely to take place throughout the western world in the very near future because more and more men will begin to act destructively toward it in various ways. And men will have far more destructive power than ever they have had in the past - compared to their rulers - because of the new technology.

"(Remember 9/11?)

"And those who have destructive power have the power to negotiate, to influence - and to demand! - e.g. see Eight Horrible Facts

"I also think that once the ball has started rolling it will gain in momentum very rapidly, and so, before long, men will have re-empowered themselves, particularly with regard to gender issues.

"And when they have done this, there will be enough evidence before them, and enough anger inside more than enough of them, to decide that aiming for 'equality' between the genders - something that, in fact, can never be achieved - has had its time.

"But this, I suspect, would just represent the first phase in the process of men re-shaping their societies.

"The next step will involve men recognising that when it comes to making 'progress' - for example, in the battles against disease and societal disharmony - it is far better to put men firmly in charge than to allow women persistently to undermine their efforts (e.g. see Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money?)

"Another thing that men will also have learned by then is that women do not actually care that much for them. This will further widen the gender divide, and the traditional understanding between men and women is likely to be diminished to the point where they act as if they were two separate competing tribes. (This process is well under way.)

"Western men will recognise that their women are a threat to them (and, hence, even to themselves) and so they will disempower them.

"And then, having done this, more than enough men might well decide, consciously or not, to give women a taste of their own medicine, and begin to demonise them, just as they have for so long been demonised themselves.

"And, in this, they might well be more than just successful.

"Matters could easily reach a stage where, for example, people actually laughed when women were genuinely raped (in much the same way that cutting off a man's penis is currently considered to be funny) or where people couldn't give a damn that a man was violent toward his female partner (like it is today when the reverse is true) or where women could quickly be hauled off by the police for merely shouting at their menfolk (like it is today when the reverse is true).

"And so on.

"Well, western women certainly wouldn't like to live in a world like that!

"Would they?

"But they seem most content for their men to have to live under such unhappy circumstances.

"And my guess is that, in the near future, more than enough men will remember this state of affairs, and the lack of concern that it shows for them, and they will be affected by it.


"And long term.

"Putting this another way: If western men in the future decided to heap upon women as much hatred as has been heaped by women upon them, one quite shudders at what they might do.

"The appropriate male psychology is already in place, the appropriate technology is getting there, one global society is clearly in the making, and appropriate biological techniques are not so far away.

"And if western women do not quickly wake up to what the government, the justice system and the media are doing to their men, then any backlash will be far worse.

"And it might be worth remembering that the west is not the planet's only repository of males. There are quite a number of men in China, India, Africa, the East, and the Middle East.

"Of course, the disempowerment of western women would not necessarily give rise to the 'abuse' of women. For example, children are mostly disempowered compared to their parents, but most parents do not use their greater power to abuse their children. Indeed, they do their best for their children.

"And the same might happen with regard to western women in the future.

"But I wouldn't bank on it - because the new advances that will be re-empowering men will be arriving on the scene at a time when western men will have been subjected by women to gross unfairness and mistreatment for more than three decades.

"And, on balance, they might well be in an ugly mood.

"And so if western women do not very quickly start supporting their men by helping them to destroy the outrageous discrimination and demonisation that they have continually to face but, instead, actually continue to collude with those very groups that promote such things, I cannot see any type of outcome that will, let's just say, allow western women to retain the high status to which they have grown so accustomed.

"Putting it simply; creating a society that exhibits a deep hatred of its men, the extent of which is evidenced, for example, by the fact that people will actually laugh at jokes about men whose penises have been cut off, was not, in my opinion, a very wise thing for feminists to do.

"And I suspect that, one day, women will pay a price for this."


Anonymous said...

I do not consider the scenario Angry Harry proposed as likely considering the favor and honor that men give to women.

Unknown said...

Favor, perhaps, but the days of honoring them are gone.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, close your quotes!