Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Sexual Harassment"? What's That?

I've only seen one case of sexual harassment in my life. Some black guy, who had a make-work job as a school administrator, was putting his hands on his white employees. The women, that is. (I take that back: I've seen black men harass white women and black women on the street, as long as no one was around. I've seen it from my car.)

The school administrator was told to leave.

Otherwise, I've never seen it. The Manosphere, in one of its many delusions, think those non-existent "Alphas" don't get claims of sexual harassment. They do.

One I only read about was the actor Ray Milland, who won an Oscar for portraying a drunk with the DTs. To rehearse for the role he staggered around in public unshaven and in ragged clothes.

A woman whom he had rebuffed saw him and gave him a look of triumph.

What the vast majority of "sexual harassment" is, is this: "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned."

It happened to me when a woman I didn't want to get involved with claimed I was sexually harassing her. A few years later a friend of mine, who was very popular with women, had a woman he dated once claim he was sexually harassing her. When I told him she had a crush on him - based on my experience - he said, "That's what my father told me!"

I've also seen obese, unattractive women who think men are after them. That one I don't understand.

What I had noticed in every case is that the women are not married, and without hope of being so, due to the Wall or unattractiveness.

Perhaps this is a way they use to convince themselves they're attractive to men...especially when they're not.


evilwhitemalempire said...

"I've also seen obese, unattractive women who think men are after them. That one I don't understand."
"Perhaps this is a way they use to convince themselves they're attractive to men...especially when they're not."
The second statement answers the first.

Unattractive women 'brag' about being harrassed by men because they think it will make men more attracted to them.

It won't but they think it will because a man complaining about women that way WOULD turn THEM on (and yes this can be used to your advantage if you want to pick women up).

If two women are together and they're interested in a guy (and one is clearly better looking than the other) it's not all uncommon for the uglier one to insert a conversation about a ficticious guy that keeps bothering her for dates, etc.

Similarly if a girl that's used to turning heads sees that a guy she's interested in isn't all that into her she'll start talking like that too.

Robert What? said...

When I was in my first job in the early 80's I worked as a coder in a company serving the banking industry. There were a good number of young, attractive women in various sales and "back office" jobs (only one in a tech job). There was a lot of good natured baudiness going around and the women gave it as well as they got it. I can't imagine what a dreary place it would be like today. I'm sure most of the guys would be fired and most of the women running to HR.

Unknown said...

I had a man once tell me he worked in a plant making cars and there was a lot of innocent horseplay. Then apparently some ugly women complained and ruined it for everyone.

Take The Red Pill said...

I'm half-convinced that it is also a case of 'projection' motivated by envy ("if I was able to be you, I would be doing it*") -- you see this with feminists and today's feminism-influenced women who try to imitate or 'ape' the behaviors/mannerisms that they think are 'male', which are actually stereotypical bad parodies that make them appear ridiculous. (An example of this was in courtroom scene of the 1984 film "All Of Me" which starred Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin.)

Women (particularly feminists and other non-confident, childish types of females) also have the 'fragile ego' (another projection that they accuse us men of having) that can't stand rejection. Women rarely have to deal with rejection like we men do, especially the personal rejection of the self (BUT you must admit that they are VERY GOOD at dishing it out, often quite viciously and cruelly -- something which they all-too-readily forget!).
OTOH, since we men have dealt with such rejection all of our lives, being similiarly rejected doesn't have the same 'sting' for us as it does for women.

* "it" being the behavior or act that they accuse you of doing.

MarkyMark said...

What about the sexual harassment parody video with Tom Brady in it? Isn't that an example of humor? To be effective, doesn't all humor have to contain a grain of truth? Isn't the truth conveyed here that there ARE alpha and beta males? Isn't the truth here that women want the alpha male? Isn't it also true that, if a guy is alpha, that he will NOT get in trouble with women?

Unknown said...

So-called "Alphas" don't exist. I know one who recently got blown off of his motorcycle after seeing the wrong woman. His killer got life in prison.

The Manosphere is full of lots of truly stupid concepts.