Friday, October 24, 2014

Why Would Any Women Want to Usurp My Position?

"Feminism at its core is envy of men and a desire to usurp their position. It would be difficult to overstate just how deep this feeling is." - Dalrock

I realized many years ago feminism is based on the envy of men and therefore the desire to bring them down. That's why it's destructive - if men are destroyed, so are women, even though most women don't know that.

Leftism - and feminism is leftist - is about destroying. Destroying everything, actually, mostly out of pure envy.

Women want to usurp men's positions - those high-paying, indoor jobs. They don't to be carpenters or taxi drivers or auto mechanics or miners or work in a steel mill.

I can't imagine any women wanting to maintain her own car, the way I do. She's welcome to change the oil and transmission fluid or change the brakes. Have at it, honeybunch.

You can also tear the rest of the carpet out of my house and put down laminate. I'll supervise and bring you a drink.

You can also tear out the wall and change the leaking shower head. We can't use the shower until I do that.

I ran across a woman a few days ago who changed the electric motor on her dryer. She watched how it was done on YouTube. I didn't bother to tell her that was easy.

Why I asked why she didn't have her 17-year-old son pull the motor off, she said he would man-handle it and break it. I don't think she was ever married, so this teen-age boy (a high-school dropout) had no father to explain to him how to control himself.

She's got the attitude she can do anything a man can, but when something went wrong with her car it was a male friend of hers who pulled the head and fixed it. He's self-taught, too, just as I am.

I occasionally tease her. She ignores me. I saw her putting oil in her car and suggested she change the oil someday. I could tell by her face she's just steaming when I say such things.

I can't imagine any woman wanting to take my position. Working on cars, fixing houses, fixing the plumbing, changing wax rings on toilets...they don't want to do that. They want me to do it. They want to feel triumphant about doing the easy stuff, which makes them think they're equal to men in the hard stuff.

This is childish self-delusion. I'm waiting to see them get boards dropped on their heads, which happened to me when I was building houses with my father when I was 12 and 13. Or run a power saw over a finger and get a groove in that finger, which I have also seen. Or hit a thumb with a hammer, which ain't funny no matter what the cartoons portray. Or find the tip of some guy's finger when he fell off a ladder.

They don't want any of that. Can't even do it, for that matter. It's always the east, indoor stuff. And if they were forced to do the hard stuff, can you imagine and tears and complaints and resentment?


Black Poison Soul said...

They can have my position if they want it. I'll go do something more personally-challenging.

Retrenched said...

Feminism in a nutshell is about rights for women and responsibilities for men. It's about securing the perks and privileges of manhood for women without them having to endure the costs, burdens and sacrifices men have to go through in order to get those things. It's about fighting double standards that favor men, while defending and taking advantage of double standards that favor women. It's about giving women the benefits of both traditional sex roles and "gender equality" with the costs of neither, while saddling men with the costs of both and few, if any, tangible benefits.

Moreover, feminism is based on the apex fallacy -- i.e., these women only see the top 5% of men, therefore they think "equality with men" means "equality with the top 5% of men". They don't see the other 95% of men, so what those invisible men go through and deal with doesn't factor into their idea of "men" or the typical male experience.

Cadders said...

Feminists just don't seem to understand what they set in motion with women's 'liberation'.

They never understood what they were liberating women from.

Women were liberated from the ancient social contract - where women traded their fertility for the man's utility. The women provided sexual access and reliability (mostly) that any children produced were the man's, and in return, the man worked to provide for his children and the woman for the rest of his life. But the contract came at a cost for both men and women - for women constraints were put on their behavior and freedom, for men, they had to work themselves to death.

Women's liberation broke this contract. It is clear that woman have embraced their new freedoms, earning their own money, choosing how they behave, sleeping with whom they choose. And for a while it worked. Because whilst women were playing by the new rules, men were still, mostly, playing by the old.

But that's over. now. Men are playing by the new rules as well. And what does this look like? Simply that men are free to live their lives without regard to what women want, and free of any social expectations to do so.

Today's generation of women are finding few men that they consider marriage worthy, because many men are not putting the effort into becoming marriage worthy. Why should they - they are the first generation of men in 2000 years not obligated to work their whole lives in the service of others.

Women are getting what they said they wanted. And many men are more than happy to pass the baton to them. Strangely, most women don't seem too keen to receive it.

earl said...

"I saw her putting oil in her car and suggested she change the oil someday. I can tell by her face she's just steaming when I say such things."

Telling a tyrant what to do is oppressive.

cecilhenry said...

Demands for equality is just a mask to hide envy.

This is the basis for 'social justice' activism.

The height of injustice is to make unequal things equal--- or to even pretend to.

Anonymous said...

No woman wants to usurp your position. They want to usurp the benefits of your position.

sth_txs said...

I don't know Bob, I would actually encourage women to do these things.

I was dating some months ago and I diagnosed her desktop as the power supply and gave her a part number. She found the power supply and even put it in herself. Though, she is a bit handy with tools which was one of the things I liked about her and when they do stuff like that make me want to ravish them more. :)

I always like a woman who can at least knows some basic tool use.

Take The Red Pill said...

Cadders: "...many men are not putting the effort into becoming marriage worthy.

Why? What benefit is there for a man in getting married nowadays, that makes marriage "worthy" for us?? What justifies the risks we take? Or the hazards?
SEX? Don't make me laugh.
Children? Again, don't make me laugh.
Seriously -- what is there about marriage (as it is practiced now) that makes it worth the risk?

"Happily Ever After? Only if you're the princess."

Robert What? said...

@Take The Red Pill

I agree with you. I am an older married guy stuck in a duty-bound marriage, which I didn't understand until I found sites like Bob's. Now when I attend weddings it is with a tinge of sadness for the guy. I'd like to say something to him, but of course it is not my place, and he wouldn't believe me even if I did.