Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's Fallen Human Nature, Not Shit Tests, Not "Alphas"

“You will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.” That's the real translation of "Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." That's in Genesis, in the story of the Garden of Eden.

It points out what been noticed for a long time: you can have power or love, but you can't have both. And with fallen human nature - in Christianity called Original Sin - both sexes are affected in their relationships with each other.

This wisdom used to be taught. Not anymore.

In fact, society is now set up to encourage women's worst nature. I don't have to explain that, do I?

Women are far more of big children than men. It's why in the past society had found it was necessary to physically discipline women, which is why I make jokes about beating women once a day and twice on Sundays. Or that any man should be allowed to spank any woman if she thinks needs it.

These aren't shit tests women are doing. They don't exist, and certainly not in the sense of testing for "genetic fitness." That's pure hallucination.

But trying to assert power, domination and control over a man? Yeah, that's true for women. It's right there in the first story in the Bible.

And since the whole thing is a cybernetic feedback system (A affects B and then B affects A) - men respond to women's bad behavior with their own - hence the adolescent concept of "Alpha," "plates," "women are loveless hypergamous whores" - the whole bit.

Weak men, just like weak women, desire power, domination and control over others, too. That in fact is what a narcissist/psychopath is, which is why the first accepted definition of an "Alpha" fit almost exactly the definition of a psychopath. (Roissy and Vox Day couldn't figure this out, and seemed to think this childish behavior was an admirable thing).

All these modern problems are the result of ignoring - or not knowing - ancient wisdom. And what we have today is very far from being an accurate restatement of it

By the way, "confidence," which the Manosphere obsesses over, is an integral part of the Four Cardinal Virtues, which were first written down, oh, about 2500 years ago.


Anonymous said...

"hence the adolescent concept of "Alpha," "plates," "women are loveless hypergamous whores" - the whole bit"

Only a relatively few newer and probably bitter men in the 'sphere think that. You are as usual misrepresenting the situation.

We know women are capable of love, but we also know (i) the mechanism to promote her love and maintain it, and (ii) what women think of as love is different to what men think of as love.

Sure a man can maintain more than one woman ('plates' - you know what a metaphor is ? ) at the same time if he chooses to. But for me, the main benefit is to know why your woman behaves the way she does, and accentuate the good behaviour while disincentivsing the bad.

As you say, women are childlike, so a relationship with a woman needs to be managed.

Given that you acknowledge there are few societal restraints on female excess, it seems odd, that you wish to disparage alternative techniques that have been shown, can be employed to maintain an equitable relationship - against modern odds.

Once a woman has invested in you (fallen in love if you must), if a man keeps a clear head, he has her for life, even in today's degenerate environment.

And, yes men with this knowledge can abuse its use too. In fact always have.

Unknown said...

Don't talk to me about metaphors. I knew what they were before you were born.

I misrepresent nothing. The Manosphere is overwhelmingly adolescent, and a lot of it is just plain disgusting.

Questor said...

BW, is your Bible translation here literal? I enjoy etymology and translations like you and appreciate when you talk about it.

I'm interested because that line always perplexed and perturbed me, never knew what to make of it entirely, and it would really clarify the line if it's what you say.

But the implications of your translation are big. Not trying to challenge your translation, just double-checking you mean it exactly so.

Unknown said...

There is an old saying: "All translators are liars."

"Sin" is best translated as "missing the mark," "repent" as "changing your heart and mind" as for women desiring to rule men:

Enbrethiliel said...


Re: "All translators are liars."

The best part, Bob, is that you've been saying that in English for years and there's an even older version in Italian, which, of course, it's a poor translation of: "Traduttore traditore" is more closely understood as "all translators are traitors." =D