Thursday, October 9, 2014

"I Wasn't Good Enough For You and Now You're Not Good Enough for Me"

I keep hearing the same stories over and over, from men:

You ignored me when I was younger. Women would barely talk to me, rejected me and sometimes insulted me. I wasn't good enough for you. Now, since I make $150,000 a year and am 30 years old and have my own house, car and a lot of savings, you've getting desperate and have baby rabies.

But I don't want anything to do with you. I have no intention of being the 31st guy you had sex with, and have no intention of ever getting married considering you can divorce me for no good reason, and take my house, kids and money.

I will never get married. It's all liabilities and no benefits.

I'm also hearing this:

I plan on living a minimal life even if I don't make much money, because it isn't worth working that hard for nothing. I'll just enjoy my hobbies. Women think I'm immature and perhaps I am, but it's not like they're mature, either. Maybe I'll enjoy my pot and porn rather than deal with you.

Then there is the least populous group, contrary to the braggadocio of the Manosphere: I'll spend my life getting revenge on women by seducing all I can.

This is what I hear from women: where are all the good men? Answer A: you left them back in your twenties. Answer B: these days, you're not good enough for them. Men don't care about your "career," they do care if you're a slut, they don't want anything to do with obese landwhales who think they have "curves," and they don't want anything to do with a 33-year-old women who put her "career" above relationships and family.

I saw all these thing since I was 13, but there wasn't much of it. Now it's really getting bad. I saw things starting to go bad in '82/'83, when I was in the last years of college, but now it's really bad, with entitled, unpleasant women who think they deserve a guy way out of their league, who thought they should have a "career" and some guy should support it, that they should quit and be supported when they want to start a family.

Few women, of course, look in the mirror. It's always men's fault.

Of course, none of this can continue. I just wonder how low it will get before it gets better.


sth_txs said...

I would like a relationship and may even consider very carefully marrying one that I felt like I could trust even she made less than I do or more than I do. I've told some though I have no interest in changing jobs for more money unless it is really for a lot of money since most of it as Captain Capitalism says 'is eaten to support the parasites.'

I won't date a career woman again. You should see the profiles of the women who own a business. They just scream run away even if she looks great.

One thing that still annoys me to no end is any woman who spouts crap about how much more 'mature' women are supposedly though I have yet to see it. Any woman I hear say this stuff, my evaluation of her critical thinking ability goes down-a lot.

Omega Man said...

This is bang on. Too bad women won't even look in the mirror. On the other hand even if they did, they wouldn't recognize what they were seeing.

Ras al Ghul said...

It will have to get to the point that marriage is over before it will get "better" or the system collapses entirely.

The vast majority of women between 25-34 can still get married or remarried if they want to in the west. Until the majority of those can't, this will continue

Glen Filthie said...

It's going to get a LOT worse, if you think about it. Fwance (a nation notorious for producing slutty women and men that are cowardly faggots) - has enacted laws that prevent anyone but the courts the authority to do a paternity test. So - if some woman knocks out a child and says you're the father - you are on the hook until the courts prove otherwise - and that, of course, at great expense to you. But that is the fwench for you: assholes.

The good news is that already the writing is on the wall. Women are starting to panic. Many hairy chested feminists are beginning to recant. Women are looking at the emasculated, ineffective man boys, homosexuals, pacifists and lisper of the liberal left - and are recoiling in disgust at the 'men' they have created. Young women are rejecting the slut culture of their idiot mothers in droves.

Cadders said...

My read is that the checks and balances between the sexes is built in. When your woman becomes overwhelming, when neither your words nor actions will get her to behave, what do the majority of men do?

Walk away.

You literally do not want to be in the same space.

It’s not a considered action, it’s instinctive and all the more powerful because of it. It takes a hell of a lot for a man to reject women.

But that’s what men, as a group, are starting to do to women, as a group. Increasing numbers of younger men are looking at their female peers and finding too many of them to be somewhere between useless and disgusting.

And when men walk away from women they start living their lives without regard to what women want. Indeed, some men never come back.

This is what these young women are responding too. They are sencing that brand 'woman' is and has been devalued in the eyes of men by the feminists.....because it has. For the first time sizable numbers of young women are getting a sence that they may not ever get commitment from a worthy man.....because in all likelyhood, they wont.

And when faced with rejection by a man they desire, what do women do? They start to play nice, they start to consider what men want.

These women are signalling to men that they are looking to play nice. Although good to see, I suspect it will be too little too late. The reaction amongst men I have discussed this with is mostly 'meh'.

A lot of men have got a lot more walking to do before they will change direction.

Take The Red Pill said...

I find the "Where are all the Good Men" articles unendingly hilarious -- especially how these washed-up, used-up, banged-out harlots hit their thirties (and The Wall), and then start whining about not having what they said they didn't want in the first place (i.e., a husband, marriage, and children)!
And how they brag on about their awesome 'education', their awesome degree, their awesome career, and their awesome awesomeness.
They NEVER make the connection that they make themselves sound like they have all the qualifications for a husband, not a WIFE!
Since that is the case, let them find a lesbian and marry HER (and likely make HER life miserable)!

Robert What? said...

There is also the economic component, as many others have pointed out. Men without wives and families simply do not produce the economic output to sustain a welfare state. Our economy is running on the fumes of high producers of earlier generations (like, well ... me). Once that momentum runs out - watch out.

Jim said...

Local news story about a woman getting "brutally" raped (per the quoted headline)at the bus transfer station at 1AM in the middle of downtown. No one helped her, only called 911. Downtown here is vibrant and full of people at that hour BTW.

Women are no longer protected and government is not around to protect them 24/7. And the idiots believe in gun control like the good little leftist robots that they are. Sucks for them.

AAB said...

Glen Filthie wrote:
"Fwance (a nation notorious for producing slutty women and men that are cowardly faggots)"

Ich, Glen it seems that you've forgotton your pre-20th century history:
- France built a global empire stretching from Canada to Indo-China (including large tracts of your homeland, assuming you're from the USA) which required a proficient army and navy.
- Napoleon conquered all of Europe and nearly defeated Russia.
That knocks the idea on the head that the French are a bunch of 'cowardly faggots' as you called them.

Read a history book or two before you go spouting your mouth off; and have some respect for a country that was essential in the foundation of yours (cf. the Louisiana purchase and the supply of aid during the War of Independence). France has given much to the world and we should offer them more thanks to them than derision.

Glen Filthie said...

The fwench today are a bunch of cowardly faggots and Marxist pussies. My country has had to bail them out of two world wars where half of them were too craven to stand up to the Germans and the other half were collaborating with them.

Here in Canada, we have nothing but problems with the Quebecois. They are Marxist parasites, they take far more from the country than they put in to it, and all they do is bitch and whine like women about how poorly they are treated. Their spokesman and leader right now is Justin Turdo - that flit spends more time on his hair than he does on educating himself on the events he comments on. He is the whoreson of his father - Pee-Aire Turdo - who did more to undermine the Canadian economy and the people with his idiotic socialist ideas.

The faggotly fwench are scum of the earth, and have been for over 100 years.

It's sad to say but Britain is going the same way as is America and Canada. Fwance is just much further down a road we really don't want to be on...

Anonymous said...

"And when faced with rejection by a man they desire, what do women do? They start to play nice, they start to consider what men want."

I have to disagree with that sentiment. When faced with rejection, women escalate the conflict. It's that escalation we are beginning to see on a societal scale..

Women don't play nice. Things will get a lot worse before they get better.

Robert What? said...

@Glen - Looks like Fwance is having more troubles than that. Looks like they are chasing all the producers out the country, increasing the concentration of parasites inside the country. I've always wondered what it will look like once the number of parasites in a country outweighs the number of hosts. Fwance is even further down that woad than we are, so we can consider them a sociological experiment worth watching. Much like Greece. But unlike Greece, even the Germans won't be able to bail out Fwance.

Unknown said...

My experience has been they don't get nicer. They get hostile and cruel, which msytifies me. They think they're going to get a guy acting like that? What the hell? Don't they have any sense at all?

One Fat Oz Guy said...

I happened to catch Led Miserables and thought of two songs that ring true in modern society:
I dreamed a dream - imagine it sung by a mid-30s single mother knocked up in her youth by a player, lamenting where all the good men have gone: "there was a time when men were kind"
Can you hear the people sing - imagine sung by a group of men fed up with being wage slaves: "it is a music of a people who will not be slaves again" and "beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see".