Monday, October 20, 2014

"If I Can't Have Fun, Neither Can You"

I've said before I think women are more envious than men. It's been noticed for thousands of years. It's right there in the story of the Garden of Eden.

The thing about envy is that you want to drag the other person down, even if you drag yourself down. Think leftism, which is the Bad Feminine and based on envy and leveling in an attempt to eradicate envy. And of course, feminism is leftist- based on hate, envy and the attempt to destroy the Father, i.e. "patriarchy."

I think it's obvious unattractive women envy more attractive women. I'd had attractive women mention this to me about the attitude and behavior of less attractive women.

For that matter, envious people want to drag down anyone whom they envy.

I mentioned in my last post that many years ago I and some friends have had women claim we were sexually harassing them, when in fact we were doing nothing of the sort. Actually, they were sexually harassing us.

But why would they want to drag us down out of envy? Perhaps they thought we had a better life than they did? That we had more fun than they were? That they wanted to be part of it, and that we didn't want them to? Is that were the phrase, "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" comes from?

I am reminded of Betty Broderick, who murdered her ex-husband and his new bride, even though she getting about $16,000 a month in alimony, and had a new house and boyfriend (and had kids by him). She just couldn't stand her envy, and brought him down even though she also brought herself down, too.

Envy, of course, is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It's the only one that isn't any fun, either.


Anonymous said...

"But why would they want to drag us down out of envy? Perhaps they thought we had a better life than they did? That we had more fun than they were? That they wanted to be part of it, and that we didn't want them to?"

People resent those on whom they depend. That's why teens resent their parents. No one likes to feel they need to be "taken care of." It makes them feel helpless. We like to be independent.

Women know, on some deep subconscious level, that they owe their survival to the world that was built and is maintained by men. You can give them all the power positions in the world and dress them up in pantsuits and heels, but it's the men who built what they'll be running.

If all the men went on strike tomorrow, we'd have power outages, looting, etc. and society would cease to function. They write about "the end of men," but "the end of civilization" is what would happen if there really was an "end of men."

They don't teach this in school. And the media can't say this for fear of backlash or being called "sexist." Women know we can't tell them this truth out loud -- much like kids know when parents can't tell them certain things. Some women resent this. Those are the ones of whom you speak.

It's not a matter of "having fun." By becoming the Junior Anti-Sex League, women wish to strip men of their humanity and a large part of their reason for existing. This is why the societies before ours limited their rights -- they knew women contributed little but created lots of drama.

We have to learn that lesson again and we'll probably have to do it the hard way.

-- Days of Broken Arrows

Anonymous said...

When I drive down the road, in these man hating days, I look for all of the things built by women. What do I see? Nothing. What's more, those that build and maintain the infrastructure now days are low wage, undocumented, immigrant male slave laborers.

H1-B visa workers are being shipped in at a massive rate to fill formerly high paid tech jobs. Any professional job that can be outsourced, is. Undocumented workers are flooding the low wage positions. Why? Feminists have very few children.

You see, that's how things work. Women love male slaves. Women are parasitic, narcissistic sociopaths. They demand the most prestigious, most powerful, best paying jobs for themselves, yet eschew traditional, manually laborious and dangerous jobs. Too funny, right? It's so obvious.

Women are quite content with men dying early deaths by the millions to maintain there privileged lives. They're quite happy to sacrifice men for their happiness. All media propaganda is geared toward this end.

What matters most to women is that men sacrifice their lives and happiness for women. Women feel entitled to this favoritism and discrimination against men.

Men are disposable. That's the message that's pounded into men's brains from birth to death.

What's funny is that women are losing their power over men; hence the increase in misandric laws. As their power continues to slip away, they create ever more desperate laws, that will ultimately backfire.

Women will win the battle, but they'll lose the war. If a foreign enemy invades our shores, I'll gladly identity and lead them to every feminist I know.

Thanks feminists. There once was a time when I didn't understand women. Thanks to your efforts, that's no longer the case.

Robert What? said...

Since the beginning of time, girls and women cannot stand the idea of boys / men having fun at something that doesn't involve then.

Robert What? said...

Make that "them".