Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Women Entering and Destroying Male Spaces

Is it because of that "shit test" silliness? No.

It's because of envy, which leads to wanting to destroy, even if you destroy yourself.

It's because of the desire for power, domination and control - the Dark Triad for women (feminism is the Dark Triad for women). The Dark Triad, for men and women, is not what those in the Manosphere think it is. In reality it's a horror.

The Dark Triad is just narcissism, and if one characteristic that can be used to describe narcissists, it's envy. Which is why I point women's greatest flaw and pride/hubris (thinking they always right) and envy (it's right there in the story of the Garden of Eden).

As Sam Vaknin writes, "Envy is at the core of my being: seething, foaming-at-the-mouth, destructive, morbid, and potent. I envy other people's happiness, possessions, accomplishments, status, spot in the limelight, contacts, you name it. I disguise my envy. I rationalize and intellectualize it. I do my utmost to ruin the source of my frustration while pretending to be his or her friend. I lie sleepless at night, rebelling impotently against the injustice of it all, that any one should surpass me, perfect as I am."

Vaknin is a self-aware narcissist whose narcissism put him in prison.

I've also pointed out not only is feminism based on the envy of men and the desire to unwittingly destroy them, in many ways so is the Manosphere, with its denigration of women.

As Randi Kreger writes about the envious: "[The envious] feels contempt for those he envies and puts them down vociferously--sometimes to their face, sometimes not. This restores his upside down world where he's always on top."

Since women as a group (Hivemind, that is) destroy everything they touch, they have to be kept out of certain things - politics, for one. Education is another, unless you want to make education a real degree along with learning Latin.

Women are never going to go in STEM. They aren't going to write computer games, just whine they want the games changed to be more "female friendly."

Mythologically women are either nurturers or destroyers. Currently, the destroyer is ascendent. But not forever. For that matter, not even for long.


Anonymous said...

Why do men care about what is happening with gaming, honestly?

Guys should not be spending the time with video games that they do. It is emasculating. They should put down the controllers, sell the gaming PCs, and go out into the world -- lift, chop down trees, approach 100 women, do things in real life, and knock off playing the video games.

We should be cheering the demise of video games. Let the girls take them over. It will force the guys to do something else, something in the real world, rather than being s stupid pussy faggot indoors slaying fake dragons on a screen.

The Ace said...

"Why do men care about what is happening with gaming, honestly?"

It's a microcosm of a larger conflict.

And go peddle your advice somewhere else, you sould like one of those hack motivational speakers who talk constantly of the destination and have no clue on how to take the journey.

Unknown said...

It is a microcosm of a larger conflict.

Alex said...

To the first Anonymous. You're a moron. Who the fuck are you to decide how another man spends his time?

Let's assume he stops gaming and finds another hobby - must he check in with an overseer to see if that new hobby is approved by you, or Zoe, or big daddy gov? Or will he simply be assigned a hobby from an acceptable list.

Unknown said...

There's also that bit about approaching 100 women. No man is going to find 100 worthwhile women to approach in his life, unless he's only interested in sex and nothing else.

little dynamo said...

Folks self-segregate into two groups: those who resent and envy the blessings given others, and those who appreciate the blessings given others. I can't be what you are and have your talents so, guess I'll just hate and hinder you. Problem solved.

The modern 'economies' are built upon carefully inculcated mass envy, manifest in the amok nest-materialism of females. A nation of ma'alls can never be masculine.

Unknown said...

I prefer to appreciate the blessings given to others because it benefits me and everyone else. Envy and destruction benefits no one.

Anonymous said...

Why learn Latin, what's your stance?

Unknown said...

Many of our words are based on Latin. The word "exit" is Latin and even a Roman would know what it means. Plus, it's a filter to prevent retards from going into teaching.

Glengarry said...

"I will save this country if you find 100 women worth approaching." Welp.