Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Universal Leftist State Devalues Both Men and Women

Under leftism everyone is supposed to be equal. For those who think about such things, no one is equal, because no one can be equal. Only that which is identical can be equal, such as two pennies or two nickels. (Strictly speaking, though, the only people who aren't supposed to be equal under leftism are the rulers, who think they are everyone's intellectual and moral superiors.)

The only way people can be anywhere near equal is through the power and force of the State. I think of the Greek torturer Procrustes, who put people on his bed and stretched and chopped those who wouldn't fit. I also think of Kurt Vonnegut's most famous (perhaps infamous) story, "Harrison Bergeron."

Under the Universal Leftist State, All Must Be Equal! Men and women must be equal!

We're trying it through Affirmative Action ("White Men Need Not Apply") and "advanced education" for women, which consists mostly of make-work jobs which are parasitical on the real economy. Women are supposed be be "raised" up while men are being brought down.

Not surprisingly, leftism is based on pride and envy. Pride, in the belief people are infinitely malleable and can be moved around like chess pieces, and envy because everyone is supposed to be the when everyone is the same there isn't supposed to be any envy.

Yet the Law of Unintended Consequences has come into play, as it always does. Leftism has devalued women, just as it has devalued men. It always does.

Leftism is also about destroying society, since it believes people are malleable, and so a new, better society will be born out of the ashes of the old. That never happens.

But when society and civilization are damaged, the worst of human nature comes to the front, not the best. A noticeable number of women have now become drunken sluts instead of wives and mothers, and men have become slackers. Just look around. All you have to do is notice marriage is at a 93-year-low.

Just look around. Women whine, "Where have all the good men gone?" never looking in the mirror and thinking, "I'm a damn poor excuse for a woman." And they don't realize under leftism there can't be any good men. They're supposed to be brought down and destroyed in the Name of Equality.

Some women think They Can Have It All. They can't. They end up not getting married and not having kids, and wondered what has happened. Where are all those men who are supposed to support their careers and give them kids, too? The women who believe such things are deluded. And all in the Name of Equality.

They don't realize they're not supposed to get married, and if artificial wombs ever get going, they're not supposed to have kids, either. They're just supposed to slave their lives away as disposable drones for Corporation/State.

I sometimes wonder if we are supposed to even have homes, or just live in cinderblock apartments.

Under the ideal Borg-like Universal Leftist State there isn't supposed to be any marriage or families at all. All of use are supposed to be raised in orphanages, and ultimately be popped out of artificial wombs. The late psycho Shulamith Firestone wrote a famous book about that, The Dialectic of Sex.

I had seen such beliefs in science fiction, especially Brave New World, but that was a cautionary tale and I didn't think anyone really believed this crap. But there are some who do.

Ultimately this is what we are supposed to be under the Universal Leftist State. No marriage, no families, raised by the State to be equal, identical and interchangeable, both male and female. That's not Heaven, it's Hell.

I don't think there is any "conspiracy" about these things, not in the loony sense of Evil Geniuses with an Evil Plan that everyone is helpless against. That's just retarded. It's just that this is what leftism automatically does.

Fortunately we'll never get there. Everything goes in cycles, and sooner or later the Right will start knocking heads again, as it always does, and we'll start a new cycle again.

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earl said...

Right up your alley.

'All wars begin in a jealous heart; let go of pride, envy, pope says'