Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm Descended from Slaves, and That's Just Fine with Me

I used to know this Jewish guy who told me that reason that Moses wandered in the desert for 40 years with his tribe of nitwits is so the slaves would die off. He didn't explain since I knew what he meant.

The one country that has suffered the most in the history of the world is Ireland. I am part-Irish, specifically Scots-Irish, or Ulster Scot. And I am descended from slaves ("Wallace" at one time meant "slave.") It means nothing to me.

Here is a long and very educating article.

The Irish Slave Trade.


Questor said...

Damned encouraging post. A new acquaintance (she was Chinese) once as soon as she heard my surname, which is from a household servant type, the first thing she did (immediately) was muse aloud how that meant an ancestor of mine must have been such-and-such. And she didn't seem snarky as much as sincerely disappointed, affected, etc.-- it mattered to her. Dealing with people like that is irritating.

Anonymous said...

Ulster Scots are Scots who stopped of in Ireland before coming to the usa. Sometimes they married Irish sometimes they did not. Being of Ulster Scot stock shouldn't imply you are Irish unless you know your family history

Unknown said...

I know my family history. Only the Wallace side is Ulster. The only side is Irish and German.

Take The Red Pill said...

I believe that one of the things that being "American" used to mean, is that it wasn't important what or who your ancestors were, what was important was what kind of person YOU were and what you made of yourself.
Unfortunately, with the present 'PC' era with it's incompetent administration and their religion of 'Victimology', I am all too certain that kind of outlook belongs to the past. All that seems to matter now is what gender you are, what color your skin is, and what sexual orientation you have.
The only aspect of that delusional thinking and philosophy that gives me comfort is that it cannot build nor maintain nations or cultures -- it only divides them and tears them down; therefore, I hope that the fools and their 'useful idiots' who subscribe to such tripe will exist long enough to see where their PC Madness takes them.
I am also glad that I do not have any descendants that will experience this collapse, which I am certain will be caused primarily by the Left's hubris and political delusions.
Hopefully, other cultures will remember this one's fall and avoid the mistakes that we have made.

Anders said...

Hey Bob, you are familiar with Reverend Shannon's The Predatory Female? The premise of his book is that slavery is the natural state of man, combined reading with Esther Vilar's The Manipulated Man, I tend to agree.

kurt9 said...

Slavery was significantly widespread around the world that every single living person today has at least one ancestor that was a slave. Every single human being alive today is the descendant of a slave.

JKB said...

I'd read most of this before. As someone of Scotch-Irish descent with roots in what is now the Great Smokey Mtn NP, I've often wondered why so many settled in the mountains rather than progressing a bit further into the TN valley and such. I could be perhaps escaped Irish had reason to avoid easily accessible domains.

I wonder if some of this doesn't explain much of the denigration of the Appalachian people even today. Perhaps even the legacy of forced breeding gave rise to the miscegenation laws.

Just the other night Jon Stewart was harassing Bill O'Reilly over "white privilege". Bill must not be read up on Irish in America before the late 19th century or he could have used the Irish slaves as an example of the former low rising by integrating instead of seeking to remain separate.

The TV show, 'Hell on Wheels' has a bit of the low status of the Irish in it portrayed as the competition between ethnic groups, free slaves, Irish, etc. But they jumble the Irish treatment up with the recent immigrant attribute used so much in historical discussions of the Irish.

Mindstorm said...

Slavs, as an ethnic group, have named themselves as 'people of the word', in contrast to their neighbors from the west (Germanic tribes were called 'mutes' in Polish language). In contrast, 'Slavs' and 'slaves' were a synonym for them. So? My ancestors were slaves by default (or fiat). Does that matter at all for me?