Saturday, November 8, 2014

Women Ruined by "Too Much Sex"

One of the more inane theories in the Manosphere is that women who have too much sex before marriage can never bond, or else they suffer from that non-existent "Five Minutes of Alpha is Worth Five Years of Beta" syndrome.

I've known several extremely promiscuous women from high school who got married and have stayed married. I've know some who got married and divorced and got married again. And got divorced again. Those are the ones I've seen turn into cougars.

I started noticing something different in college. I knew some promiscuous women who never got married. And some non-promiscuous ones who never got married.

What did the promiscuous ones have in common?

They were nuts. That is, narcissistic. Histrionic Personality Disorder, some sort of narcissism...things like that. I knew two whose ideas of sex lasted one minute, until they had orgasms. Then they went to sleep.

That was their problem. Self-centered, irresponsible, immature. That's why they never got married. I've know a few who were bipolar, even to the point of undergoing electroshock treatment.

What did they all have in common? "Education." You know - "female education." Worthless, make-work degrees.

For some reason "educated" women tend to have a problem with getting married. I don't know exactly why. And it doesn't happen every time. But I've seen it happen more than once - far more than once. Maybe they're more narcissistic, like the selfish, inconsiderate sluts.


earl said...

Horrible personalities withstanding...a promiscuous woman is pretty much ruined. Between the possibility of diseases, a weakened pair bond, and a higher risk of infertility...I'd consider it selfish behavior even if she does have a good personality.

Robert What? said...

Based on my own experience I'd have to disagree. Obviously anecdote is not proof, but I do believe that high N-Count for a woman is highly problematic for future relationships.

Anders said...

It only takes one man to ruin a girl for the next man.

Anonymous said...

High N is a marker of unreliability.

The promiscuity may or may not directly damage them beyond hope, but just like a series of bankruptcies predict financial reliability, promiscuity predicts trouble.

Mindstorm said...

Multiple of anecdote is still not data. You need an 'overhead view' with enough numbers to make a more reliable guess.

Anonymous said...

"One of the more inane theories in the Manosphere is that women who have too much sex before marriage can never bond,"

Uncle Bob is straight out of the traps with misdirection.

A woman can have loads of sex, with one or two partners, and still have a good chance of forging a durable bond with N3.

But it's pretty self evident, a promiscuous slut is a promiscuous slut.
By definition she doesn't form durable pair bonds.

"I've know ..", "I known ..", "I've seen turn ...", "I knew two.." bla bla.

Facts and figures Bob, you aren't giving us any.

"Education" the root of female evil.

Here are a few contrary anecdotes, I've known low educated females that were slutty, a lot of fun they were too. I've known well educated women who have paired and stayed paired. You couldn't prise them away from their mate with a crowbar.

But the real injustice of this post, it that it's trying to get men to pair of with promiscuous women, you know guys, MAN UP, marry some other guys used up cast off.

Uh? No thanks Bob.

A.B. Prosper said...

No doubt the occasional highly promiscuous woman can be turned into a wife. It a rare thing and no man with self respect ought to play Captain Save a Ho. Give the sluts a pass.

Myself I don't think its too much to ask for a woman to be pleasant to be around, healthy, take care of herself, be loyal, have complimentary morals free of significant debt, not promiscuous, not have mental hygiene or addiction issues and be willing to be a wife and mother to any children before getting married.

Highly promiscuous women often fail to meet many of the criteria so no thanks.

Just in case anyone asks for a number of partners that would be too many, 2 or 3 before is the cutoff I think.

earl said...

I'm of the taste 1 or none. I allow 1 because gals can make mistakes. The smart ones stop...the stupid ones keep going.

Robert What? said...

@Earl - part of the problem young men face today, is that attractive, marriageable women with a low N-Count are a rare breed.