Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Insults I have gotten

Aimless Gromar has gotten them, too.

-You’re a virgin
-You live in your mother’s basement
-You have a small dick
-I’m about to vomit
-How do you even exist?
-I’m so angry I could X
-I want to punch you in the X, Y (face, dick)
-Mommy issues
-Probably don’t have a girlfriend


Mindstorm said...

What was the context for those insults?

The Ace said...

"What was the context for those insults?"

Anything a woman didn't like at that moment in time I imagine.

Unknown said...

Things I wrote.

Anonymous said...

"go die in hell and do me a favor swallow like 100000000. Razer blades and choke on them then bleed out then get Anal raped in hell like your mom"

There must've been at least a few like the above.

Unknown said...

I've never anything that nasty! Whoa, that's a bad one!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a classic case of projection, I got a cookie-cutter comment like those from a follower of the (ironically named), who are described by their cult leader PZ Myers himself as "nerds"!

Anonymous said...

Meh. People who leave those insults are behaving like the snarling dogs on that dog whisperer show. Just like the dogs they're used to their behavior having an effect and getting them what they want. Don't give them what they want and they stop the behavior.