Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dealing with Looney Liberals

I've dealt with liberals/leftists all my life. They have certain things in common.

They're not so much irrational as ruled by their feelings. "Feelings" in the sense of things they do not like make them sick. It's either fight-or-flight with them. They can't stand to be in the presence of something they find offensive.

I recently ran across a liberal woman who told me racial jokes made her "uncomfortable." Yet she saw nothing wrong with blonde or Catholic jokes. Hypocritical? Sure.

But why did one make her uncomfortable and one did not? There's nothing rational about her preference. It's all about how she felt.

And she couldn't make the connection, either, even though she has an M.A.

Because of their inability to tolerate these things, they want everything to be censored. So they won't feel "uncomfortable" or made physically ill.

Because words and ideas make them physically ill, they blame their feelings on those words and ideas. Certain words and ideas make them sick, so those things have to be stopped.

Liberals/leftists are dumb enough to talk about "made me sick," "I was ill," etc. And they really are. They have no idea what they are telling people about themselves.

For them it's not about reason. It's all about what's makes them feel ill, no matter how insignificant it is. And at worst, they lose complete control of themselves.

"I don't like you."


The Ace said...

A lot of these liberals seem to have very child like behaviours in adult bodies, I sometimes think they're like autistic kids that can't handle the real world.

Craig R. Meyer said...

Yes indeed. Clearly the problem is that our blackshirt little buddy here doesn't have enough POWER. That's what it is.

sth_txs said...

They are always the first to start with name calling or total dishonesty about the topic. I've also suggested that instead of forcing your crappy world view, why don't you form a community like the Amish or the Catholic Dominoes pizza CEO?

Naturally, more dishonsety.

TroperA said...

I feel like mentioning Anonymous Conservative's work in analyzing how the brains of Liberals function (or fail to function) when they have their beliefs challenged. Basically their amygdalas go haywire and they start doing anything they can to attack the thing that's challenging them. Read more about Anon Conservative's work here: