Monday, November 17, 2014

On Pleasing Women

For whatever reason, men end up often pleasing women. Personally, I think it's men's nature to fix/repair/create/invent/discover, and women inadvertently benefit from those things, because they overwhelmingly can't do things themselves. Not that they know it, and don't believe it if told.

Now it's got to the point many men purposely don't want to please women anymore, because they are subject to many brutal attacks. Look at what happened to Matt Taylor. For all that hard-looking exterior he turned out to be pretty much be putty on the inside. How do you think he now feels about all those psycho feminists?

If men stop pleasing women and don't want to support them anymore, then society, the economy, and all advancement won't stop, but it will slowwwww down and sometimes will go backwards. And you don't see these women emigrating to the paradises of Africa and the Middle East.

It mystifies me so few women know this. Don't they realize they are cutting their own throats? That the more they attack men the more men are going to withdraw? And sometimes, fight back?

Either way, women will lose.

They may think the government will "take care" of them, but the government is just a form of patriarchy. A bad form, to be sure, but still a form.

Now when things really start to shrink, women will howl and whine and complain.

But by then, it won't do any good.


Omega Man said...

We can already see what happens when men withdraw from society. One needs only look at Black America on the one hand and to Russia on the other.

When men withdraw, society becomes animalistic and unbelievably cruel. Look at Detroit and the south side of Chicago for examples.

In Russia, men drink themselves into oblivion, die in industrial accidents, wars, etc... to such an extent that women start outnumbering men in the 30s age bracket and up. The older the age bracket the fewer the men.

Both societies are sick and both are circling the drain.

Welcome to the feminist apocolypse.

earl said...

I don't think most women don't see past one day on this type of stuff. Cutting down men today for her benefit doesn't register that she is cutting herself down the road.

Anonymous said...

This is why the reformer John Knox declared the government of women over men as repugnant to nature:

couched in religious terms of course