Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Alphas" Get Away with Everything!

“Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.” - Henry Rollins

Sure they do. People who believe that have never experienced it; they read it somewhere, or else think that SNL with Tom Brady is reality (just the way James Bond/Derek Flin/Matt Helm/Travis McGee is reality).

I'll use the example of Matt Taylor, he of the Ph.D. in Physics and the Gunner Girls shirt. He clearly weighs over 200 pounds, appears to be a weightlifter, is all sleeved out, is bearded and good-looking. Everything screams Alpha! Alpha! Alpha!

And yet he was brutally assaulted by psycho feminists and tiny-balled manginas. But - but - nothing is supposed to happen to them! They're immune from all attacks!

Why was he attacked? More than anything else, because of envy, which is the defining characteristic of leftism/feminism/manginaism.

I don't care how supposedly "Alpha" a guy is, some people are going to want to bring him down. Women aren't going to get "tingles" and fall out of their clothes because of "hypergamy" and their seeking of "Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks." Instead they'll want to bring these guys down, often because of "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," which makes more sense than the rest of the aforementioned concepts put together.

Every guy I've known who was really popular with women, in the PUA sense, was a douchebag coward. The reason they "got away" with so much is that every one of them ran when confronted. They never stood up and defended themselves or the women, who were just pussy and narcissistic supply to them, and therefore interchangeable.

I've mentioned before, if you really want to understand people (who mostly are not that complicated) you'd be better off memorizing and understanding the Seven Cardinal Virtues and Seven Cardinal. Then apply them to Manosphere concepts and see where it leads.


deti said...

Wrong. Society views Dr Taylor as a STEM geek. In society, "alphas" and STEM are mutually exclusive. That's why he was attacked.

deti said...

It doesn't matter how smart or in shape he is. He is in STEM and they are all worthless unattractive dweebs. Or so society tells us.

Unknown said...

The last "Alpha" I knew got blown off his motorcycle for seeing the wrong woman. His killer got life in prison.

As Matt's attackers, it was based on envy by feminists and no-balled manginas. He could have been Brad Pitt and would have gotten the same reaction...which is why you don't see Pitt wear shirts like that. He couldn't handle the attacks no better than Matt could.

Most guys are pussies, including so-called Alphas. I've never seen one yet who wasn't a coward. The scariest guys are the quiet ones.

Anonymous said...

He's white, male, straight, intelligent, likely wealthy and works in STEM. He wore a shirt depicting scantily clad women. You can either view that as a huge mistake or a poke in the eye to all feminists.

I'm personally glad for the outrage by feminists. Nothing is more disgusting than the belief that feminism is about equality. Feminism is about destroying straight white men.

Shaun F said...

I'm glad you noted the women were pussy and narcissistic supply for these guys, I agree wholeheartedly.

earl said...

The other example of an 'alpha' coward is that Julian Blanc guy. Once the bright lights got on him...he caved in no time.