Wednesday, November 26, 2014

On Owning a Taxi

I owned a taxi for five years and got to know a lot of hookers. I even got to know the woman who ran the escort service and sometimes went to dinner with her.

It was an interesting job, and an enlightening one.

I've recently read some articles about how some men are seeing hookers for "emotional fulfillment." I knew that 25 years ago, when I found many of the men didn't have any sort of sexual contact with the girls. They sometimes took them on dates and sometimes stayed home and watched movies. That astonished me, that a man would pay a girl $100 to keep him company for two hours.

In sad fact, some of the guys wanted to see the girls again just for those reasons - emotional fulfillment.

I've been an antenna my entire life. Since I was about six, really. Had I thought about it - and I did a bit - I would have realized that men paying women for some sort of brief emotional connection presaged some big problems later on. Which it has. Sex is not the problem - being driven nuts by being alone is.

One of the worst things to do to a prisoner is solitary confinement, with no human contact. Because of what I experienced, I can guarantee you these guys have some sick sexual fantasies.

There was also married men - and there weren't that many - who saw the girls on business trips. It made me wonder what their home life was like. I figured, not too good, because the guys always called for the same girl. Emotionally connected to her in some way, you might say.

Other men were the type who couldn't get any girl because of some physical defect, and those were the ones who had been ostracized for so long they had gotten sexually weird and wanted to humiliate the girls. Revenge - power, domination and control. Sort of a hate. I saw a girl come out of his house and then start crying.

I only did it for three months, I think, and after that I was so sickened I quit. I wasn't so much sickened by the guys but the girls. Whores are a weird, weird bunch, and none of them are very smart and none of them have hearts of gold. I thought they were mentally ill, more than anything else.

I mean, what kind of girl becomes a whore at 15? I have seen that.

The guys I met who paid for the girls to keep them company weren't bad-looking at all. I guess, for some unknown reason, they couldn't find a woman, so instead of sitting alone on a Saturday night they decided to call Rent-a-Woman. Better two hours of company than staring at a TV screen by yourself.

I have found this loneliness affects women who have hit the Wall, only they oftentimes turn into hostile, hateful shrikes. It never occurs to them they are experiencing what many men experienced when younger.


Anders said...

On men going insane from being alone; men who do not seek out intellectual pursuits like reading, or learning how to do something useful, lose their mind much faster than those who do. But even those of us who consciously try to keep the mind working are still a bit crazy in our own sort of way. After a certain amount of time, usually a few years of no contact with any women, (it's been about more than 15 years for me,) one tends to find it rather difficult relating much to other people.

Black Poison Soul said...

Yeah it can be damn hard to be alone so much. Thankfully I have family to keep me semi-sane.

Knew a hooker who started at 12yo. Whacked in the head.

earl said...

101Before the fall...God called everything good, except this.

The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."

Robert What? said...

Re: married men and hookers, I'm surprised you didn't see more of that. Maybe most married men don't have the necessary disposable income and/or can't hide the payments due to joint accounts? I doubt that it would be because of getting sufficient sex and affection from their wives. But maybe my experiences have made me more cynical.

Novaseeker said...

Hooking has changed a lot since the internet became a thing.

Many (most?) hookers today don't use madams or other pimps, and instead directly advertise on the internet and screen the guys themselves. Not all of these women are stupid, really, in the pure brainpower sense. Although I agree that becoming a hooker is a stupid decision for any number of reasons (moral, legal, health, mental, safety, etc.), there are quite a few women these days who hook part time – either students (not uncommon at all, unfortunately) or women with day jobs who like the extra money and/or the “excitement” or “taboo” nature of the thing.

I tend to think most of them are broken in some way – that is, something has happened in their lives such that they are willing to cross the rubicon between hooking up with guys to getting paid for sex. But one impact of the internet is that it has allowed these women to choose to become part-time hookers without having to deal with a pimp or a madam – do it as much or as little as they want, with who they want, and so on. This has led to an overall increase in the number of women hooking (although many are part time) – it’s more accessible to them than it used to be, and many of these women would have likely never hooked at all if it involved working with a madam or a pimp.

I remember reading an article (must have been around ten years or so ago) about a woman here in DC who was a weekend hooker, and an accounting executive at one the government agencies downtown. She was very high end, apparently, and said that she made more money hooking three weekends per month for a year than she did at the day job over the same period of time. But she was a very high end hooker – most hookers don’t get paid as much as she did. There was another article around the same time written by a paper in Boston where the writer interviewed four internet hookers: one was a medical student, another was an artist, another was a lawyer. There’s some *odd* stuff going on, and most men seem clueless to it. The odds of these women hooking 20 years ago would have been very low, but nowadays, you never really know what Susie Cubicle is doing in her spare time, apparently.

I’d think that most of the clients are married men, although some singletons are probably in there as well. It may depend on the “market” that the hooker is aimed at, generally. I remember reading Tracy Qwan writing about that. She was a very high end Manhattan hooker for a number of years, and she had the repeat clients that you talk about, and most of them were married. She said that the men did it because the sex in the marriages was missing (low frequency, low intensity, boring, etc.), and they didn’t want to have affairs, so they opted for Tracy Qwan. Odd decision, I think – I mean, hookers are something I’ve never really found attractive. Not in the physical sense (there are some very good looking hookers, of course), but in the sense of not being attracted to having sex with a woman who has had sex with hundreds if not thousands of other men. But I guess some guys don’t mind that.

Unknown said...

I was also a bodyguard. These women better screen very well.