Monday, November 17, 2014

Matt Taylor is a Scapegoat

The first defense small children engage in is projection. Scapegoating. "It's your fault, none mine!"

It's based on our inborn narcissism, which is splitting everything into all-good and all-bad.

Leftists are narcissistic children. Feminists are narcissistic children. It's their nature. And that is why, to them, Matt Taylor is a Bad Man with an Evil Bowling Shirt. And it's the fault of that Evil Bowling Shirt that more women aren't becoming rocket scientists.

Society has bent over backwards to accommodate women, even promoting them over men. How long as this been going on? At least 30 years. And where are those rocket scientists and physicists and all the rest of the women in hard sciences? Nowhere to be found.

Why? It's not because of patriarchy and oppression and Evil Bowling Shirts.

It's because men and women have different brains.

Those of the Right tend to see those of the Left as petulant children. Those of the Left see the Right as evil.

Fortunately, people are beginning to see the Left for what it is. Childish, yes, but nearly insane children who blame everything on everyone else. Including the innocent.

To them, innocence is no defense.

And the more the Left fails, the more insane it will become, finding fault with everything, no matter how petty.

Taylor made the mistake of apologizing. Why would you apologize to someone who thinks you are evil? You never apologize to leftists and you never back down.


Cadders said...

So true - check out the comments in this article about Dr Taylor;

Mindstorm said...

Apologizing 'on demand' is the problem here, not apologizing in general.

Mindstorm said...

It depends on the validity of demand.