Friday, November 14, 2014

Multiorgasmic Women

I've pointed out before I was raised in an unusual area, at least compared to ones today (although my father told me similar stories about his growing up, and I've experienced similar things throughout the country).

I mean promiscuous, multiorgasmic women.

I first found out about this when I was about 13, when a kid in my class told me a 13-year-old girl had come over and had sex with five guys. By the time I was 16 girls were offering a friend and I to participate in this. I've seen the same thing in college. In high school I was approached by girls as young as 13. I also found I couldn't get rid of some of some of these women.

I just couldn't figure it out. College classes were no help. They told me men were promiscuous and women monogamous. That wasn't my experience.

But later I realized these women were rather feral and uncivilized, and women's unchecked sexuality brings down civilizations. It's that bad, and that simple. It's one of the reasons women's sexuality has always been repressed.

And I'm sure someone, somewhere, has gotten his brain in a twist thinking of some evo-psych explanation for this, even though not all women are like this.

I've also pointed out before I have a big problem with many of the concepts in the Manosphere, because they are not supported by reality, and I am especially amused by the tape-recorder-brains who spout every concept in the Manosphere as if it's God's own truth. That's actually pretty scary.

I do know the reason why. Security of course. It's nice thinking you have all the answers to everything. Some cannot handle ambiguity and not knowing. They'd rather do cut-and-paste.

It's one of reasons I think there are a lot of liars in the Manosphere. They never talk about envy, and how it leads to fights. And they never, ever talk promiscuous, multiorgasmic women.

Why? Because they've never experienced any of it.

Quite probably because a man is done after one time and a woman might be done after three.

That's called envy.


earl said...

Ah yes...I've noticed some of their stories if you dig deep enough make absolutely no sense.

I do believe many of them have a wild imagination or seen enough porn flicks to give them a base plot line.

Robert What? said...

Ah youth. Them were the days. We just didn't know it.

Black Poison Soul said...

Mmmm interesting. Yes I've run across multiorgasmic women. Crazy, of course.

Hadn't thought of men not talking about it as being envious of females having multiple orgasms.

Anonymous said...

BPS: "as being envious of females having multiple orgasms."

It's doubtful Men are envious of a woman's ability to experience multiple orgasms.

A man only needs to impregnate a woman once, it might be fun to do it more than once, but once is enough to meet the evolutionary requirements. He is then free to move on to the next woman - should he choose.

But you can see why a woman might have evolved the ability to orgasm multiple times. In the pack or tribe, there is a good chance she's gonna be mounted and inseminated by a variety of dominant males.

In a civilised world of course, things is different. but evolution is always there just beneath the surface.

Anonymous said...

Bob: "even though not all women are like this."

Jeez Bob! Not all woman are; white, are brunette, green eyes, tall, pretty, ugly or a predisposition to being fat .......

In all characteristics there is a spectrum. Likewise behaviours, which are probably intimately linked to genetics.

Anonymous said...

Bob: " They never talk about envy, and how it leads to fights."

Nice misdirection Bob.

first guy: My girl can orgasm five times in a row!

Second guy: My girl can orgasm ten times in a row, Erh!

Yea! That conversation actually happens a lot. Not!