Thursday, November 6, 2014

Female Delusions About Marriage

I have a friend who used to be a major PUA (100+) until he destroyed his life engaging in it. But he learned quite quickly to play on women's delusions (he informed me that he told them "what they wanted to hear").

I heard some bizarre stories from him, and all of them involved women deluding themselves.

He used to seek women in the personal ads, just so he could lay them. One was a white woman who was dumb enough, and deluded enough, to have a kid by a black man. Of course the father was long gone, never to be seen again.

My friend was moderately wealthy and of course flaunted it in his ads. One of the women who answered his ad was this white woman with the half-breed son. She was deluding herself that a good-looking, moderately wealthy white man was going to have anything to do with such a catastrophe of a woman, who automatically ruined her life by doing what she did.

He banged her a few times and was gone.

What was she thinking? "Maybe this good-looking, well-to-do white man will marry me and support my dumbass half-breed son"? How can a woman get more deluded?

Another time he flew some hillbilly pussy up from Tennessee. She showed up with a baby in tow, whose bottle she had filled with Coke. How stupid can you be?

Bang, bang, and back on the plane she went (he told me "it was the most I ever paid for a piece of ass"). How could she ever think any man could be interested in her, unless half his teeth were gone and he once dated his own sister?

He also told me if he had to it over again he would have been a high-school coach. Speaking of being a coach, he sometimes advertised he was a coach and got far fewer responses from women.

No PUA could be a PUA, if women, being essentially children, didn't first delude themselves. In fact, I have found women delude themselves more about marriage than anything else. This female delusion is, in a word, narcissistic.


Anonymous said...

The most important lesson I’ve learned:

From birth till death, men will be shamed and/or encouraged to engage in institutions and activities that will bring them at most, a false sense of belonging and at worst, the complete destruction of their lives. How is this shaming and encouragement meted out? Music, movies, books, political propaganda, religious propaganda, TV, the self-deluded and by those that have a strong ideological or financial interest in leading men to their own slaughter. Most everything men are taught about being men is not only wrong, but quite often, leads them to utter destruction.

MGTOW for Life

earl said...

Seems to me the low value women go after the low value men. Delusion or not...they are aware of what value they have.

The minute a man states his higher value...he gets less responses. That's not necessarily a bad thing.