Sunday, November 23, 2014

Adolescents Pretending to be Adults

"The quality of the society is what makes technological advance feasible, more so than the genius, who will often come up with useful designs hundreds of years before his time. The genius is critical, but his ideas are mostly inapplicable without the accumulation of social capital." - Henry Dampier

I sometimes run various thoughts experiments. Some sort of societal collapse, for example. None of us could make it on our own. I'd need to get together with some of my friends to form a tribe.

I can think of four other guys, all of us smart, all of us competent in various ways. One, even though a college professor, likes to work with his hands, as I do. He rebuilt a friend's toilet. Most of us are proficient with weapons and some of us fish. I've cleaned fish and cooked them.

I was raised working-class, by a general contractor father. I can do basic plumbing and electrical and everything else needed to raise a house. My car hasn't been to the shop in years. I've built computers from scratch.

When I was 16 I experimented making wine by putting a bunch of grapes in a glass container and smashing them (the yeast in the air ferments them). Wasn't drinkable, but I've made sourdough bread the same way: water, flour and the yeast in the air ferments it.

I realized we wouldn't have any use for anyone who believes the Greek alphabet soup of the , infantile, narcissistic concepts of the grandiose Alpha and the devalued Beta/etc. My experience with these adolescents is that they are helpless in supporting themselves when things get a bit hard. I've never seen one with practical skills. Such is what happens with no fathers or weak ones who don't teach you anything.

We wouldn't have any use for those worthless "Dark Triad Alphas" and the "insanely confident" with no skills. Either they would leave or we would have to kill them. They'd be terrible burdens.

My friends and I could get society going again. Other men couldn't, and as for women, impossible.

Men try to accumulate social capital. Other men destroy it, and these days, most women.

As for women...just as soon as things got a little bit hard they'd have to attach themselves to a man, contrary to their hallucinations of Strong Independent Women. Here I again quote P.J. O'Rourke: without men civilization would last until the next oil change. Or, to paraphrase Camille Paglia, without men, women would still he living in grass huts.

Women try to blame their problems on men. I've seen this many times. And since feminism is leftist, it's narcissistic, hate-filled and sadistic (I've seen the same thing in the Manosphere).

Now if women bitched and moaned and whined and tried to be sadistic (feminism is the Dark Triad for women) what would happen? Women would act like that one time...and then kerpow! The back of a hand.

Guess what? It's been the history of the world.

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