Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Last Semester in College, All of a Sudden Women Wanted to Marry Me

My last semester in college, all of a sudden six or so women, who has ignored me, made suggestions I was marriage material.

I was offended.

I knew what was going on. "I'm graduating! I'll have a hard time finding guys now! I'd better grab one!"

One, who had never talked to me, put her hand on my back and then ran her hand up and down. It was straight out of the blue. I just looked at her and said nothing. Another suddenly told me how good I looked and then told me that "all women want to get married." I also looked at her and didn't respond.

There were others, too.

I was offended by this. I really was. First they ignored me, then they were all over me.

For some reason, things that happened to me in college were prescient. Everything I experienced have now become major social problems. It's like I was some sort of barometer.

I wanted nothing to do with these women. I suspect some of them are now cougars. Actually, I know for a fact some them are. That's men's fault, of course.

I also saw guys try to talk to women and get rudely rebuffed. I knew the problem was going to get a lot worse. And it has.

I realized many years ago it's not men who have the problem. It's women.


Anonymous said...

I went through the same thing, even with girls who didn't speak to me in high school and had gone to the same University as me for three years!
Inside I jumped for joy that they actually spoke to me, then I realised I wasn't 15 anymore and they'd ignored me for over 5 years and ignored them right back.
I kept getting friend requests from them, which slowed down once I changed my profile picture to my wedding photo.
They still keep coming though, I guess some of them are hoping for me to get divorced. Not any time soon, hopefully never!

Glen Filthie said...

I wonder if this was one of the ladies hitting on you Bob:

And this, you cunned stunts of Jezebel and Slate - is why women should seek and value traditional marriage. It allows you to pool resources, split labour and get further ahead as a team than you could individually. Hope you like cat food, chickie. This woman is still carrying a load of leftist baggage and deserves what is in store for her...but it is good to see that she is starting to see the light.

Carnivore said...

OT. You are an aficionado, so this should be of interest:

sth_txs said...

I'm on a dating site, and I guess because I look a bit older for my age I get up votes from women 2 to 5 years or more older than me.

I also got some flack for preferring a woman in her 30's as opposed to 40's, yet these same women would have not gone out with me if I were 20 they were older. But they won't talk about that. :LOL:

TroperA said...

Gotta love that Liz Jones article: "WAAAHHH!!!!! I whored around on my husband, divorced him and now I can't afford the 600 pound heating bill on my 50-yr mortgaged mansion and I'm going to be homeless and eaten by my cats!!!"

It doesn't occur to this woman to sell the freaking mansion and move into a decent sized apartment. Oh no. Her ego would never stand the downsize in living standards. Why is this woman getting paid for giving advice again?

Unknown said...

I've seen guys living in their cars until their Social Security came in and they were able to afford a place.