Monday, May 26, 2014

Men Create; Women Support or Destroy

When you look at history and philosophy, whether East or West, men create, discover, invent, repair, innovate, fix, lead - they represent reason and strength. Patriarchs.

Women represent the nurturing and supporting. They're emotional, passive and receptive. You can also see these things in folk tales.

In one sentence you can say men represent the Head and women the Heart.

Now what happens when they go bad? Men use their use their strength for evil, or else they become weak. They withdraw. These days, since they're attempts at discovering and everything else is being thwarted, they're withdrawing and becoming weak - bros hanging together or playing video games in their basement. Or Men Going Their Own Way. Or Pick-Up Artists. Or Manginas.

These things happen when women don't support men, that is, nurture. And if they don't nurture and support, then they destroy. And when I say they're passive and receptive, that means they're herd creatures, and if they don't listen to men in their passivity and receptivity, they'll listen to stupid female leaders and suck up their nonsense. They can become far more evil than men.

I don't think it's all that hard to understand the differences between men and women.


Glen Filthie said...

Men destroy too Bob. We actually do a better job of it when we do stuff like go to war, or invent ideologies like fascism and socialism. Plus, these women aren't walking over us with impunity - we are actively letting them do it. (Or, most of us are - I don't, but it has cost me my relationship with my daughter and my in laws).

Most men don't have the courage to write off their families and face the social stigma that comes with being your own man. They let women roll over them.

To solve a problem you have to do what the old school man did: take ownership of it, and make the sacrifices to solve it without complaint or whining. I do not require the support of women or their approval. The reverse is not true and if women want to get stupid about it - I will prove it to them, usually at the cost of hurt feelings.

I dunno what the answer is, Bob. You can go along and emasculate yourself in the process - or keep your nads but severely limit your options with women. Fortunately a lot more women are waking up to the flaws of feminism.

Anonymous said...

A LOT has been written and discussed with regard to the state of young men these days, specifically with regard to their lack of social skills. And, of course, thanks to the shooting, we're only going to hear a whole lot more on the matter.

It's unfortunate that the mainstream view seems to be that young women are the exact opposite - that they are confident, insightful, intuitive (yeah that old chestnut), with communication skills on par with history's greatest diplomats - when nothing could be further from the truth.

Most young women I encounter are just as detached and lacking in social ability as young men, maybe even more so. They're not confident, they have no insight into anything that's not on their social media feed, likewise they're not intuitive to anything they can't see right in front of them on an LCD screen, and their communication skills just plain suck.

Women who are supporters is very important to a healthy society. Aaron Clarey has written extensively about it A good woman who is kind, nurturing, and a delight to be around can strengthen a man to achieve things he may have thought were simply beyond his abilities.

Anonymous said...

what a sexist ass