Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stuffing Life into Sad Little Alpha/Beta Boxes

There is a lot of blind ignorance in the Manosphere, this is, trying to stuff the whole of life into those pathetic little boxes know as Alpha/Beta/Whatever.

I have pointed out before "Alpha" is a comic-book concept, just a modern-day version of James Bond/Matt Helm/Travis McGee/Derek Flint. It is the male version of women's romance novels - even worse, because as I predicted (and has happened) the "Alpha" is the narcissistic grandiose self and the "Beta" is the narcissistic devalued self, onto which all problems are projected.

I've seen some truly ignorant things, such as claiming intelligence is a "Beta" trait and all inventions were created by "Betas."

Those who believe such things have no understanding of history. They don't understand much of anything. They're also engaging in a category error - putting real "Alphas" in the "Beta" box.

Let's take Erasmus Darwin (there are many more examples). He was a natural philosopher, physiologist, slave-trade abolitionist, inventor, doctor and poet. (He was the grandfather of Charles Darwin and Francis Galton). He was married twice, had 14 children, including two illegitimate daughters by an employee, and, possibly, at least one further illegitimate daughter.

Some "Beta," huh?

He was one of the founders (patriarchs) of the Darwin-Wedgwood family, who are famous to this day. The family has included several famous soldiers, wealthy inventors and businessmen, doctors, explorers, composers, protectors, providers - in fact, several polymaths.

They were the true men, the true Alphas - being the best they could be. Discoverers, inventors, explorers, fixers, patriarchs - pushing back the darkness, seeking light, making things better. That's what men are supposed to be.

These are the men I admire and wish to emulate. I don't admire men who spent their lives laying women. I've known several of them, and they've been insecure, weak cowards using women to validate their self-images.

The true "Betas" are the ignorant and uneducated, who, being unable to discover/invent (or even understand much of anything), can do nothing except memorize bad ideas and stuff all of life into them - walking, talking cliches.

Next you might want to try Richard Burton...and I don't mean the actor.


marlon said...

I have pointed out before "Alpha" is a comic-book concept

Don't disrespect comics; once - they were good!

Unknown said...

I can remember when they cost 13 cents. I collected a hundred. Wish I still had them.

James said...

Feminism tries to suppress male sexuality, we already know this and I'm not going to go too much into this.

Larges swaths of the manosphere suppress male expression. They tick off all these traits that are perhaps normal, and even beneficial for the man and his very soul, and they dumpster it into the unwanted Beta category. Anything not associated with being a Dark Triad gamer is thrown into the Beta category.

Obviously the manosphere attracts a disproportionate amount of people who have failed with women for various reasons including feminism and they are understandably angry or bitter. I cannot fault a man for that. Yet the manosphere, the alpha/beta paradigm does nothing to help them. In fact you will see on manosphere blogs, day after day, month after month, year after year the SAME bloggers are STILL just as angry and bitter as they were before they discovered the manosphere! All these theories, articles, speculations about alpha vs beta and your life is not changed, your life is not improved, you still dwell in the negativity, then what is the point of your idealogy?

Feminism is a poison fed to men (and women) and the manosphere is doubling down on that poison because the first batch just wasn't good enough. We wonder where the souls and passion of the men of the modern age have gone, all the while we tick off the very things that come from the deepest part of our souls into beta boxes.

Ingemar said...

Speaking of Alpha/Beta and the like, This story is barely off the presses and the manosphere* is already chiming in on it--

Vox's take on it--

What both commenters miss is the boy's Hubris, a topic that is well-exposited on your blog.

Anonymous said...

PUAs use a perverted/corrupted definition of Alpha to only mean a man who is successful in obtaining recreational sex. Though it is true that Anglobitches are not attracted to intelligent men. It is because of feminism that women naturally opt for sadistic bullies, thugs, and plutocrats over polite, intelligent, reliable men.

Ingemar said...

*In my head I refer to the manosphere as the Boromirosphere because they share the delusion that using the powers of darkness they can overcome the forces of darkness.

Robert What? said...

Guys are trying to categorize themselves into alpha, beta, etc because they are just trying to find their way in a world that provides precious little direction on how to become a man. The boomer generation (of which I am a part) decided to throw away all the traditions from the previous centuries, so they left the Gen-Xers and Millennials with pretty much no road maps. I think that is where much of this is coming from.

Unknown said...

"the Boromirosphere because they share the delusion that using the powers of darkness they can overcome the forces of darkness."

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

RE: The Elliot Rogers shooting


* facepalm *

Everything is fucking Star Wars these days, every favored ideology is the Force.

- To new age hippie dupes, the "law of attraction" is the Force that can fix all that is wrong in the world.

- To socially retarded libertarians, the "market" is the Force that can fix all that is wrong in the world.

- To PUAs, "game" is the Force that can fix all that is wrong in the world.

Why is the west screwed? Because people are so easily subverted by childish ideologies.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I saw that post at Alpha Game: Game would have saved him!

The kid said he was the perfect man.

Here we have a narcissistic megalomaniac, who wasn't worshiped by women, so he felt humiliated so got revenge by murdering women. Humiliation followed by revenge.

Or, Hubris followed by Nemesis,

marlon said...

Vox is a Christian; he should be promoting Jesus and proper fathering for this young man and others like him!

Game above God.
Game is your father...your savior.
(Can Mr. Superintelligence game God, I wonder?)

Anonymous has it right...everything has gone Star Wars.

Unknown said...

I was surprised when Vox Day said "Game or God." Did he really believe that, or just trolling. I honestly don't know.