Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Can a Matriarchy Be a World Superpower?"

This is from the site, Crime and Federalism. I don't know who the author is.

He has some good points. There are no matriarchies, never have been, and never will be. If there is some sort of bizarre collapse any vestiges of "matriarchy" will be gone, blam, just like that.

"It is now beyond debate that the culture has shifted. It is - or will soon be - a woman's world. Women earn 3 college degrees for every 2 that men earn. Women are overrepresented in managerial capacities. Women have taken over.

"It's also the case that maleness has totally declined. Seventy-five percent of Americans are not qualified to enlist in the United States Armed Forces. Men are either too fat or too stupid to become battle worthy. Men are now gelatinous, androgynous blobs. Poke your finger into a Twinkie, and therein is the average American male - in mind, body, and spirit.

"This is all fascinating to watch, and I am enjoying the show. I don't think the outcome is going to be what 'feminists' hope it will be. There has never been a matriarchal superpower. Indeed, the super power that it the United States was built by patriarchy. Rome itself fell because men were no longer men.

"As someone who is bothered by human suffering, the decline and fall of men is troubling. Without men guiding children, criminality increases. A child born to a single mother has a 25% chance of going to prison. Fewer involved men means more rapists, burglars, and murderers. More criminals means more victims - which means everybody hurts.

"Given that women are, on average, physically weaker than men: It's hard to see how they're going to win wars without troops, and survive walking the streets without alpha males willing to protect them. Among alpha males, chivalry is dead. If beta males are chivalrous, so what? Even if beta males had the courage to pull a rapist off of his victim, would he have the fortitude? Considering that the beta male wouldn't even be physically fit enough to join the U.S. Army, it's hard to imagine his stopping a wolf pack.

"Society needs men willing to die for the greater good. Most men look around, and see nothing good about the greater. And so they ask: Why die for this? I for one have no interest in dying for this country. Do you?

"As someone who can survive equally well as a librarian or warlord, the new America could be fun. If society completely decays, I'll be driven around in an armored Jeep with my machete, assault rifle, and attack dogs. I'd prefer living in a civilized world, but anarchy has its own appeal.

"The most-likely future, it seems, will be totalitarianism. By biological reality, women cannot protect themselves from men. Someone is going to have to protect women. This means a much larger government.

"Indeed, look at the criminal code. As women grow in power, so does the criminal code grow in size. Show me a law enacted after mass hysteria, and I'll show you a group of women. Soon enough, everything will be a crime.

"Of course, that government will need jack-booted thugs to enforce its laws - which means, men. And so women will not be in charge for long. Why serve in the female queendom when you can become king? Eventually the male thugs will rise to power, overthrow their female overlords, and oppress men and women alike.

"All of this could have been prevented. A rational view on the genders should yield one to see cooperation rather than competition. Men and women have different - but equally necessary - skills. Society needs both genders.

"Women swelled with power but not magnanimity. They've created a society oppressive to men. Soon enough, we will see the end - or all-too-frighteningly likely - The End."


Glen Filthie said...

"Society needs men willing to die for the greater good. Most men look around, and see nothing good about the greater. And so they ask: Why die for this? I for one have no interest in dying for this country. Do you?"


Especially now that you are expected to go into combat 'supported' by women and queers and other 'transgendered' degenerates.

Wyowanderer said...

Well put, Glen.

Anonymous said...

If you asked Col. Klinger from MASH if he was post-op or pre-op, he woulda smacked you with his purse.

AAB said...

If you want to see what a world without any masculinity is like then look at a ghetto.

If you want to see what a woman without any masculinity is like then look at a women with Turner's Syndrome (they don't have any testosterone in them).

Neither look all that great to me! The world has needed, and will always need men and masculinity in it. Masculinity provides oomph! Forward motion, progress and all that other stuff that romantics and sentimentalists would like to squash. If it doesn't have any masculine influence then it won't last very long.