Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Short Post About Weak Fathers and Cruel Stepmothers

I've pointed out before that any educated person should know about folk tales, aka "fairy tales." They are the distilled wisdom of the human race.

What you find in some of them is a weak father and a cruel stepmother. Think "Hansel and Gretel," for one. There are others.

You know- how Elliot Rodger was raised.


Robert What? said...

Yes, it is interesting how many of those old folk tales had that theme. That was back when people tried to shape their lives to fit reality, as opposed to now when people expect reality to change to fit their lives. Was it always the step-mother (as opposed to the natural mother)? Also, I can't recall any tales where the mother had to protect the children from the father - but I'll have to go back and reread.

Anonymous said...

Not that I condone acts of cold blooded killing or wish harm on anyone, but I can't say I wouldn't get a modicum of satisfaction if Elliot's stepmother had taken the place of the other victims.