Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The "Red Pill" Has Been Around For A Long Time

Taking the Red Pill is just a metaphor, and the idea of taking it and suddenly you see the truth isn't the way it works. Sometimes, people don't take the Red Pill at all; they just exchange one Matrix for another. For example, thinking that women are soulless loveless hypergamous sluts (that is, destroyers), and that Alpha/Beta/Whatever really does exist (grandiose false self, devalued false self). That's exchanging one Matrix for another, the latter being in some ways better and some ways worse.

Actually, all of us are in the Matrix and we can never get out. The Matrix, ultimately, if of our own choosing.

If you look at the past, at history and myth and stories, you'll find men found their way out of the Matrix a lot better than we have.

One, men are the creators, discoverers, fixers, inventors, innovators, patriarchs (rulers) - those who push the boundaries, push back the darkness, chaos and destruction, make life better. Not MGTOW, not PUAs. Not Alphas, not Betas, none of that nonsense with one pretending he's James Bond and everyone else is Barney Fife. That's as immature as hell.

Two, women are either nurturers or destroyers (they also destroy themselves in the process of destroying others). In other words, wives and mothers with home, husband and children, or feminists.

That's pretty much it.

I've had more than one woman tell me, "Men are the cause of all the problems in the world." No, problems exist because people and life are imperfect. And if anyone thinks men are bad as rulers, women are far worse. If women ran the world it would be a horror behind imagining. It'd collapse into chaos and anarchy.

Leftism is the world is collapsing into chaos and anarchy. That is coming because we're close to having a matriarchal society. I don't see how that collapse can be avoided.

It wasn't because of "prejudice" and "discrimination" that the Founding Fathers denied women the vote. They saw what they would do if women had political power.

Let's put it this way: in mythology women brought evil into the world. Think Eve and Pandora. And as for being nurturers/destroyers, think Kali. Or, as the example I like to use, the Borg Queen.

Ultimately reality will reassert itself. God knows what will happen until then.

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