Sunday, May 25, 2014

Short, Scrawny and Bullied

Vaknin is not specifically talking about Rodger...but he knows what Rodger was.

I shouldn't be amused at all the nonsense I'm reading about Elliot Rodger, and how they all get it wrong. But I am. "He was an Angry White Man!" "He needed Game!" "Ban guns!"

First of all, he wasn't white. His mother was Chinese, and he was short, scrawny and bullied at school. Now that I know he's half-Asian, I can see it - the weak chin, the narrow eyes, the flat face (such half-breeds have a hard row to hoe). I knew a guy in college who looked like him, only he was about 6'2".

And best of all, Elliot was bullied. Short, scrawny, weak, unattractive, bullied. Eaten alive with envy and hate. Unbearably resentful, with an incredible sense of entitlement, who saw people as nothing more than Narcissistic Supply.

I'll repeat it again - he felt humiliated, weak, powerless. And humiliated people seek revenge to replace their feelings of humiliation with pride and feelings of power. That's the lesson of the first recorded murder in the West - the story of Cain and Abel.

It's a lesson everyone should know. Not gun control, not Game, not hallucinations about whatever by the deluded and simple-minded.

"Probably the most bizarre part of Elliot Rodger's manifesto/autobiography is when he says that his step-mother viciously made fun of him for not having had sex(!?) and how her son, his half-brother, would be so much more successful and popular than he is." - Alex Gleason


fnn said...

His father (clueless or a POS)should have got him involved in martial arts and free weights at a young age. Gene Fullmer, Jake LaMotta and Roberto Duran (and no doubt many others)all started boxing at about age nine.

Unknown said...

What kind of father looks at a son and cannot see what his weaknesses are?

"My kid is short, unattractive and weak...together we have to work on this to make things better for him."