Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why Women Will Destroy Little Boys Without Even Meaning To

Men are supposed to be discoverers, inventors, fixers, providers, protectors - they are supposed to push boundaries, go into the unknown.

Women, on the other hand, want everything to be "safe" (not understanding there is no safety).

When women gain control of institutions and get the law on their side, they wittingly destroy men's ability to be any of the above things. To possess any of those needed qualities. The easiest way to destroy men and society is to destroy the women - allow them to get out from under mature men's authority, give them a bad education, encourage their worst traits. Once you can achieve that, it's close to over.

If you allow women to dominate in teaching, they will destroy little boys without intending to. They see it as "helping them." And as that wise old saying tells us, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

If you want to destroy a people, destroy their past and culture. Their history. Orwell noticed this in 1984. Destroy the past. Make up a new past, a fake one.

The site Another Androsphere Blog understands this. He discusses the lives of men who you have never heard of - William Henry Perkin, Rudolph Steiner, Thomas Wakley.

You can waste your time reading the Wimpy Frauds of the Manosphere and memorizing pathetic pick-up lines, or you can learn the history of your people - because the left hates you and wants to destroy you, as does your Third World enemies.


Roy said...

"or you can learn the history of your people - because the left hates you and wants to destroy you, as does your Third World enemies".

Brillianty put Bob

Quartermain said...

If that isn't bad enough, the in-human resources departments are predominantly staffed by wimmin. Try to get on a career path with these corporate cunts holding the strings.

Unknown said...

HR is worthless. I work for myself. I will no longer work for women.

Anonymous said...

He discusses the lives of men who have never heard of -

I think the verb form lacks a "been."

Unknown said...


In my first journalism class the teacher told us, "Never edit what you write by yourself." He was right.

AAB said...

We could all do with learning a little more about such men, if not because of what they invented or innovated, then because they have good personality traits that we could benefit from, even just by hearing them.

Robert What? said...

And then there are women who take delight in destroying little boys, even if they don't consciously realize it as such.
I'd venture that a significant portion of the women in elementary school education racket - I mean industry - would fit into that. My son went to a school with an boy hating female principal. We pulled him out after we caught her lying about a playground incident.