Friday, May 30, 2014

"The Most Dangerous Idea In The World: Women Have Agency"

"Women are...childish, foolish, and short-sighted—in a word, are big children all their lives." - Schopenhauer

I've pointed out before that I had two women, in the same year, tell that men were responsible for all the problems in the world. Both were making about $40,000 a year and one had a make-work job given to her by a man.

In other words, both were claiming they were victims. Many women have a tendency to blame their problems on men. What are they - children or adults?

Men throughout history have claimed women are essentially children. I wonder. Perhaps, as a group, they are. Individuals can be adult, but as a group...I have my doubts.

This article in from The Black Pill and was on November 9, 2013.

"While liberals, conservatives, and many other groups have different ideas, one thing they will agree on is that women have no agency. Here is a sampling of answers you would get if you asked members of various groups if women have agency (and they answered honestly).

"Liberals: No, anything bad a woman does is the fault of the patriarchy and sexism. The world is ruled by misogynistic conservative men, and women have no power. Anything good that happens to women is the result of 'benevolent sexism' which women have no control over. Women are forced into becoming housewives and mothers they do not want to be.

"Conservatives: No, anything bad a woman does is the fault of liberals and feminists tricking them. Women don’t even have agency when it comes to abortions which are the result of trickery by men. Women are forced into jobs and careers they do not want.

"White (Vagina Worshiping) Nationalists: No, anything bad a woman does is the result of the Jews and minorities tricking them into feminism and multiculturalism. The Jews have been so successful in tricking women that they can convinced (white) women to act against their own race. Everything bad a woman does is caused by the Jews so women aren’t responsible for the bad acts they do.

"Conspiracy Theorists: No, anything bad a woman does is the result of the Rockefellers, the Jews, and other rich people conspiring to trick women into feminism. The real enemy is the Rockefellers, the Jews, etc. (and minorities) who are conspiring to depopulate the world so women aren’t responsible for their behavior.

"Roissyite Gamers: No, women’s bad acts are the correct biological response to men who have no game. Women can’t be held responsible for their own biology.

"I could list many other groups, but its always the same. They all believe women have no agency. In fact the only groups that believe women have agency are MRAs and MGTOW.

"Women having agency is the most dangerous idea in the world right now, dangerous to women and manginas at any rate. If a person has agency, then that person is responsible for their own actions. If a person doesn’t have agency then that person is not responsible for their actions. If you want to avoid being held responsible or accountable for your actions, then you need to convince the world that you have no agency. And that is what women did (except for MRAs and MGTOW). The idea of women having agency is dangerous because if enough men start believing it, those men will hold women responsible for their actions. Women will be forced to deal with the same standards of accountability as men. This would be an outright disaster for women because they would be exposed for the frauds, feral children, and in some cases criminals that they are."


Robert What? said...

Well, don't forget - this convenient lack of agency is being adopted by a significant part of the population, male and female, and is being actively promoted by the government. For example, just replace "women" with "blacks" and you could keep most of the same wording. Its the best of both worlds: agency or not, depending on which way benefits you most at the moment. We've all heard of the phrase "the responsibility without the authority". That's the dreadful situation that most American men find themselves in today. This is rewards without responsibility. Can't beat that.

Anonymous said...

The world is a messed up place. Look at all the VA folks creating false lists and letting tons of people die so that they could get bonuses. People will do anything for money, power and control. It's sick, sick, sick.

Relationships between men and women overflow with toxicity. The government is screwing people over with reckless abandon. Corporations have written Americans off in favor of cheaper labor overseas.

The world is one messed up place. The declining viability of relationships between men and women is a symptom of a much bigger, deadlier disease.

Anonymous said...

But there is such a thing as over-imputing agency, aka "blaming the victim." All ideas should be taken with a grain of salt.