Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh, This is Funny

This is from Stefan Molyneux:

"Young women milking their sexual appeal don’t like to see functional or happy nuclear families, because it reminds them that they are using their sexuality in the wrong way. A young woman’s sexuality is designed to evoke a commitment from a quality man, not just feed her own vanity. Also, seeing a functional family reminds her that time is always running out, and that every day that she spends using her sexuality for vanity, rather than commitment, it fades and falls and loses value. This creates deep anxiety in the young woman, which would be enormously healthy, because it would provoke a change towards maturity and responsibility, but what is sometimes called “cultural Marxism” in society is little more than a bunch of predatory artists and academics being paid by women to avoid provoking rational anxiety about squandering their sexual value on alpha orgasms, man candy estrogen status, and narcissistic selfie vanity."

I'm not even going to make any comments on this.


Glen Filthie said...

Well Bob let me say this about that. There's some old school Christians a couple doors down - a younger couple. She was out watering the plants on her front verandah this morning while I was goofing off in the shade taking a break from the chores.
In any event I watched her tending to her plants and thought she was the prettiest young lady I had seen in forever. She could have stepped right out Little House On The Prairie. Her hair was up and in place, she wore a dress, and she just exuded this sense of intellect,class and sensibility that I haven't seen in women in decades. Every man should have a wife like that. And daughters too!

Unknown said...

The women I've met who don't have home, husband and children are hostile.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if his theory is true. David Horowitz in his memoirs tells of his radical days and how he and his fellow Marxists always buzzed like bees around whatever woman was in their group. "All power comes from the barrel of a gun!" said one of the guys one day. "No," said another guy, referring to their queen bee, "all power comes from Jane's [hooha]." They all laughed, Horowitz says, because they knew it was true.

Craig R. Meyer said...

Well I sure wish you would make some comments in this, Bob, because I'm picking up on what to you must be obvious. I appreciate both your and Molyneux's work a great deal, so if there's an opposition here then I'd appreciate knowing just what it's about.

Craig R. Meyer said...

Sorry. I mean "I'm NOT picking up on what to you must be obvious." Right.