Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Feminism Poisons Women - A Political Statement"

This is quite a long article, so I am not posting the whole thing here. There is a link at the bottom. It is from the site Throwing Down the Gauntlet. I don't know who wrote it.

Mythologically women have been either nurturing or destroying. When they don't nurture they destroy. History has shown us that when women run wild - and you can see this today - they become pagans in religion, and celebrate abortion, extreme promiscuity, divorce, homosexuality, the destruction of men...and just about everything else you can think of.

"The present statement carries a harshly provocative title. That is deliberate, because the title is a hook. Our main purpose is to excite the reader's anger or curiosity and inspire further investigation. Our secondary purpose is to leave an indelible mark on the reader's memory whether the reader agrees with us or not.

"So, what is feminism, how does it poison women, and what should we do about this? Our statement will involve these and related questions.

"Feminism is many things, but for now it will suffice to know that feminism is antagonistic toward men and all things male. We gain this knowledge both by long study of objective reality and by reasoning from an irrefutable premise: that feminism is the project to increase the power of women. This leads us to wonder precisely how far the feminist project proposes to increase that power, and we are forced to conclude that the project has no clearly stated upper limit.

"The problem assumes a particular urgency when you consider that the growth of female power would hit a wall if it did not, at some point, begin to meld itself with state power. Hence, the feminist project could not but infiltrate the machinery of state, and if pushed far enough could issue only in a totalitarian level of government control - ostensibly for the benefit of women. In light of all this, we must ask if the feminist project means to increase the power of women infinitely? For want of any credible feminist statement to the contrary we must reckon that it does, and make all calculations accordingly.

"To increase the power of women infinitely, by whatever means, would certainly make female power clash with male power. Here women would confront a choice - to either rein in their own power or to go on increasing it by overriding male power. To choose the former would terminate the feminist project. To choose the latter would advance the project, but only with a steady erosion of male autonomy. Again, as suggested, this would logically entail the growth of an anti-male state.

"Such a posture of affairs would issue only in a subjugation of men, and to acquiesce in such a thing would comport only with antagonism toward men. So we conclude that the feminist project in its unfettered form amounts to a campaign of anti-male aggression, and would add that such a campaign is tantamount to war.

"We further conclude that such a war is bound to inflict collateral damage on humanity at large. In acknowledging that such collateral damage is bound to happen, we affirm that men and women share a social ecology where damage to any part of the system has systemic consequences. Thus, in declaring that feminism poisons women, we are recognizing the systemic implications of a feminist war which poisons men.

"It matters little where the poison is introduced. It just so happens that feminism, which initiates an attack against men, sets the process in motion by poisoning men first - by subjugating them, by denigrating them, by compromising their human rights, by bending them contrary to nature. From this, the collateral effect ripples through the social ecology and taints the lives of men and women alike. The web of male and female existence is too interwoven to confine the damage to men. You cannot poison merely half of a well.

"In the long run, to poison men can only poison women also. Therefore, since our study of objective reality leaves no doubt that feminism indeed poisons men, we may safely conclude that feminism poisons women. However, if you mean to enhance the well-being of women it will not do to poison them.

"In the end, we oppose feminism because feminism poisons everyone. So consider the present statement a rallying call to men and women everywhere who oppose feminism. By our study of objective reality we know that their numbers are considerable and, if the right stimulus be applied, apt to grow."

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" I don't know who wrote it."

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